Variety in acoustic ear trumpets - click an image to see a larger version
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variety of trumpets image variety of trumpets image variety of trumpets image variety of trumpets image
Size variation, all trumpets
shown to the same scale
Different versions of the
popular 'London Dome'
Some of the myriad
of different styles
Materials run from plastic to
gold surface details shown

variety of trumpets image
Conversation tube braids Colourful braid Some of the grilles New grilles for 2014

Variety becomes the passion
Having stumbled on the extraordinary variety in ear trumpet design, I have become fascinated by the subject.

My collecting ethos is all about the differences, material, shape, pattern and size.

I prefer items in good condition but where the object is well defined, I don't really mind a bit of damage - after all I am not collecting for a museum but for my own interest.

Boxes: dealers and purists are manic about boxes, people even sold me trumpets in fake boxes.

To my mind it doesn't matter, unless the box is work of art in it's own right and even then, I don't really want to pay more for a box.

I have amassed a good collection of catalogues and researched the subject enough to build this website.

It is all detective work, a recent offer on Ebay was un-branded and un-marked but I know it was made by Eschmann because I have a copy of the factory drawing with an essential and unusual detail clearly shown.

I follow auctions via the internet and seek out new trumpets with differing characteristics every day.

I have visited many of the larger collections and stay in occasional contact with collectors of whom I have become aware.

Several international dealers keep me posted with their wares.

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK