more information on the Touma Museum
Touma Museum of Medicine
314 Ninth Street
West Virginia 25701
"A private medical museum that has weird antiquated doctor's equipment, such as foot-driven dentist drills and tonsil guillotines. It's run by Dr. Joseph Touma, who collected all these things."

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  The Touma museum is a private medical history museum in downtown Huntington W Virginia USA.

It was created by Dr Touma, a resident of Huntington who still works as a medic.

The museum is on the 3rd floor at 314 9th Street

You can only visit by prior invite and with an arrangement to be accompanied.

I went in Jul 2012 as part of my grand tour.

The acoustic ear trumpet display dominates the museum which includes 2 cars

The items are laid out in 3 large free standing glass cases and 8 bench top displays

If you look hard one more case becomes apparent with some 40 walking sticks.

Most of them are acoustic aids, I don't know if all are as clearly I could not touch anything

I estimated 400? (I am going to count the pictures) acoustic examples with virtually no duplications

Many of them are not in the catalogues that I have seen

Quite a few I have only seen at the Touma

The displays are not formally catalogued with any descriptions or dates

As a piece of social history this display must be protected for future generations

My pictures will give you some idea why I thought going thousands of miles was worth my while.
My helpful minder Mr. Rahall
  more trumpet pictures

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK