more information on the Thackray
I visited the Thackray in May 2012

It is easy enough to find and free parking is available in front of the building.

My first unexpected experience was the entrance fee of £7.50 ea, however one gets free re-entries for the rest of the year.

The second surprise was that the display is one of many and there is no map.

Next I realised that it is laid out for students aged 5 and up and the aids are in the middle of the walk through.

Once found the hearing aid display is quite well done in a single cabinet.

My photos are of the items in which I was interested, when taken I had no idea that I would be preparing this note as their website has very little data.

Some data including suggested dates is shown on a laminated sheet by the display.

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Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK