More information on #460-467, eight trumpets in a box
purchased Mar 2019 from auction house Greenslade Taylor Hunt, Taunton.
Auctioneers description:
ASSORTED EAR TRUMPETS & OTHER HEARING APPARATUS including examples by R.J. Dowling of London and Belclere, (8).

Interesting dilemma: - the auctioneer failed to address my query about marking on the items.
If they had replied with the facts, I would have been prepared to bid at least 4x what I did.
However, fortunately the auctioneer hammered at £350, £50 below my budget for two trumpets.
The sale estimate was £18-25 !!!!

I knew that one trumpet was new to me because I did not have a Belclere in any of the shapes photographed.
I also knew by detailed examination of the only low res photo provided (see above) that the con tube looked like an Eschmann OL380.
It seemed likely that the whole lot was Medresco (NHS).
My collection was missing several NHS auricles and there is no Miss Greene at the NHS.
So I bid based on there being at least 2 trumpets in which I was interested.

It took a week to get the parcel up from Taunton:

The result : -
I was right about the lot being mostly NHS, 7 out of 8 are definitely NHS.
I was right about the con tube it is actually marked OL380 - one I have been seeking.
I was wrong about the Belclere but it doesn't matter, it is a London dome not a banjo.
One banjo has a weird copper flashing and is nicely marked.
So SIX trumpets are completely different to what I have.
No 7 has an earpiece I am missing and is probably a different date.
No 8 seems to be a duplicate except for date.
- and I got a new Belclere grille !
The Miss Greene has 2 pimples on the bottom of the dome and the ribbon ring makes a third point of rest.

2 NHS OLs I have never seen and even the duplicate London Dome with a different date is actually a slightly different size, this really surprises me because I assumed they were tooled.

I decided to keep the lot because at least the dates are different ...

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK