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photo of diaphragm item for sale on Ebay
It is a good example of the Meyrowitz Otophone with leather diaphragm protector, in this case sold by a Boston distributor.

Meyrowitz made this instrument in different sizes. This is the B size: Measures approximately 2 1/4 inches across the bell. 2 3/4 inches in height. 3 inches in length 2 3/8 inches wide.

The instrument is marked:
"E.R. MEYROWITZ N.Y. 1 B 2198"

The leather diaphragm protector is labeled:
"Globe Ear-Phone Co. Hearing Instruments. Tremont Temple 88 Tremont St. Boston."

The Globe Earphone Co was founded by Albert G Barber (who was also president of the Globe Co), He was at born at Epping NH, July 18 1857 and was educated at Epping and Athol, Massachusetts graduating from the High School in 1873. After learning the optical business Mr. Barber opened a wholesale house in Boston in 1889 and his various enterprises have grown from this beginning. (derived from The Book of Boston: Fifty Years' Recollections of the New England Metropolis By Edwin Monroe Bacon, page 511). 

This instrument was no doubt sourced from Meyrowitz (who called it the "Otophone"), and sold under the Globe Earphone Co name. Earphones made and marketed by Meyrowitz had a small box, and the leather protector contained the company's information.  We do not know if this distributor (Globe Earphone Co) was sold with a box or not.

To use, one would hold the earphone flat against the ear with bell facing outward.  It does a decent job of magnifying the higher frequency sounds.

The condition is nice - a few scratches to the instrument, and some expected wear to the leather protector.  Note that some of the photographs were taken with and without flash to highlight different parts of the instrument.

From the company's website: "Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, born on the 20th October 1852 in Greifenhagen, Prussia, was the founder of the eponymous brand. E.B. Meyrowitz henceforth began its rich history in 1875.

Stores were opened in London, Paris and New York over the course of the next twenty years retailing not only spectacles but all manner of optical goods, devices and instruments. Over one hundred years later the name of Meyrowitz lives on in its own unique spirit still evoking memories of a brand playing a key role in the early days of aviation, motor racing and mountaineering. Built upon the tenets of exceptional service and traditional craftsmanship, E.B. Meyrowitz"

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