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Berger Collection at Kent State
The Kenneth Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archives
A104 Music and Speech Building
1325 Theatre Drive in Kent
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242

Curator until end 2012: Dale Lisonbee

The hours of operation are from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and admission is free. Guided tours can be arranged by appointment.

all day parking pass
One has to visit this collection with confidence and a bit of good natured determination.

My Garmin sat nav insisted on modifying the address to a different house number, BUT it took me to the right place.

On arrival, park on a meter for 25c opposite the Music & Speech building.

Go in the main entrance by a large satellite dish, up half a flight of stairs, turn right to find A104 a few yards along the corridor.

Locate the reception desk and request an all day parking pass for a mere $2.

Return to the car and move your vehicle to the priviledged parking right outside the front door.

Return to reception and the young lady will point you at a corridor lined with glass fronted display cabinets.

You are here!

I asked for an info sheet and was told it did not exist.

I found a visitors book and left my name. Alongside the visitors book was an information handout which I have linked here as a PDF file.

My next question I asked was 'where is the main corridor' as a large notice said some items were displayed there - seems that the notice is wrong!!

I was left to peer and photograph.

After a while I was joined by mature student Dale who had been assigned curator with no budget. Also he will be leaving Kent at the end of 2012.

Sadly, the university seems to have no vigourous interest in the collection.

However, Dale was very helpful and showed me the huge collection of relevant documents stored in an adjacent corridor. He is quite interested in the collection and gave me lots of his time to discuss the whole subject.

He is hoping to do some more photographs of the collection before he leaves.

He also added that there were very few ongoing additions to the collection

This collection is HUGE

There are 2700 items with a further 300 duplicates archived

Only about 80 are acoustic / mechanical

All the items have some basic descriptive alongside on a small card, some include dates

May I take this opportunity to thank the folks at Kent

I do feel they (the staff on hand) deserve more support in maintaining and growing of what is a unique social history resource

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