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This year (2019) has seen many surprises, possibly the most interesting since I started collecting.

Some trumpets appeared never seen in 20 years and even more unusual quite a few new brands.
I have spotted an unusual trumpet at Sheffield Museum marked W B Pine.

I managed to buy a conversation tube by Ferguson of London.

This month I bought a Rein Hereese belt mounted conversation tube. I had not previously noticed this item in their catalogue.

I found a large sonor on Ebay marked DE CHANAUD BRUXELLES.

Just taken delivery of a diaphragm conversation tube by Hayhurst who are completely new to me. Complete with a box in great condition and a lovely address label.

Another sonor turned up marked Vaast, again a maker I did not previously know.

Some weeks earlier I bought another sonor marked Faure, again a new brand.

Before that yet another sonor marked Le Megaphone MADE IN FRANCE.

I was fortunate to win a Rein London Dome at auction which is parabolic - I have never seen this shape by Rein.

Earlier I found another London Dome with a new to me spoked grille.

Another surprise was the tiny little very basic London Dome found in France.

I also found a plastic one piece very similar to one I got years ago but in a different colour. ( the earpice is removable but the trumpet does not extend).

Brands Auster, Marchi, Sexer, Walb were added to the Makers list.

I also found a tiny London Dome by HEAR-ALL, again a new brand.

Another tiny London Dome turned up with a spoked grille, sadly unmarked and missing the earpiece.

A few days earlier I found a London Dome by Maw, which I knew had existed from their catalogue.

Another Londome Dome came my way this time by Weiss - no idea that the made anything but auricles.

An art club member alerted me to a tapered conversation tube in Llangollen which was not expensive, with a silver horn but a later version than the one I already had (2 different addresses).

I have lots of banjos, but one turned up by John Bell.

I have never seen a trumpet marked Auster or one of this particular shape which I found at auction

Earlier a lovely conversation tube was found in the Netherlands with a straight earpiece.

I have several Rochausen trumpets in different colour ways and then this one turned up with a different earpiece moulding.

I found a beautiful brass trumpet by Walb and then realised that I already had another and could attribute a name to an unmarked trumpet.

Then a coversation tube by Eschmann came with some lovely NHS paperwork.

I had spent 15 years waiting to buy a small one piece seen in many catalogues and finally got one in 2017 with the help of another collector. Then this Frank Valery one showed up.

Saw this dimpled London Dome in the Netherlands and had to have it.

Sellers persistently mark trumpets as being much older than they really are. This OL360 is 1947 or later but sold as nineteenth century.

Eight trumpets came as lot - poorly described by the auction house, I realised that at least two were of interest.

Faux tortoiseshell trumpets rarely come up because they are so fragile. I was really pleased to find this shape new to me.

UPDATE October

I just found a metal auricle in Sweden - a very rare item.

It is 8th October , just bought my 500th trumpet in the USA for a paltry $70 - 18 years of collecting !

UPDATE November

This month I already bought 9 items.
This London Dome is similar to one I have but larger and a different address marking.

This unusual horn and silver item was found at auction.

This huge Rein telescopic 2 pc was on EBay.

A very unusual 30cm oak stethoscope came up and I bought it as it must be very old.


Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK