more information on the
Hearing Aid Museum (HAM)
This is essentially an internet resource owned and managed by two enthusiastic collectors.

Neil Bauman who now lives in Lynden WA has part of the collection and his friend Hugh Heatherington in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has the rest.

When viewing the hearing aid pictures the serial numbers are prefixed B for Neil (B)auman and H for Hugh (H)etherington - a useful note arising from my visit to Neil in Jul 2012.

Neil has catalogued all his items and they are stored in individual zipper poly bags, each with a label giving the basic data.

The items may be viewed on line for 48% of his collection - some 52% remain to be photographed

Whilst my interest is acoustic, the Hearing Aid Museum is about all kinds of aids.

Neil has documented which batteries fit which electrial aid and in most cases has a sample battery.

His documentation is truly VERY extensive and clearly a labour of love.

He is working on making the HAM website answer all your questions as far as he can.

Neil previously put me in touch with Tom Pippin who has a large collection but it is not digitised on the internet

Neil also mentioned a Danish collector - he is going to advise me the contact details - update Eriksholm

I would like to acknowledge and thank Neil for showing me his collection and sharing his vast knowledge of the subject

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK