TV quiz show based on antiques and their collectors

After a long February day's shoot in Bristol, we aired the first time at 2.15pm on 2nd April 2019.

Most of the show was taken up by the 2 pairs of contestants competing to be the winning pair.

Our charming winners were set the task to decide which 3 of 6 trumpets in the Packington collection were actually ear trumpets.

The director chose the 6 items based on suggestions by me.

They got 2 correct out of 6 - you can view the items in detail and the answers given.

I built up a list of trumpets to take to Bristol based on guidance from the show's producer.

As one might expect the plans and details for a new quiz show were a bit sketchy.

I picked 30 pieces which attempted to show the variety found in my collection and one with a back story - read the seller note.

I also selected based on rarity, prettiness and items intended to confuse the unwary contestant.

The shoot
The Curiosity set was purpose built for the programme. Set in a small sound studio, the 3 different rooms were compressed into a tiny space. The cameras were all shoulder mounted and several cameras were used in parallel.

When it came to my turn as a collector to meet the contestants, we had set up one 'room' with tea chests piled up to make a plinth. Most of the trumpets were arranged on this platform. More collectibles were spread around in the background each with a trumpet on top.

The contestants came in to the room with Paul and we went through the process of them choosing items. They got 2 right and 4 wrong !

I was quite amused listening to the reasoning given for their selection.

My sense of humour was brought to the fore when I blew one 'trumpet' actually a harking horn and it made a loud noise !

I had a short interview with Paul and it was all over.

We did the whole thing in one go with a couple of detail shots after for the edit.

No damage to any trumpet and a fun day out with lots of waiting around for my turn.

As my friend Jas said, when we were on Bargain Hunt, in the end we are just 'faces' !

To learn more about how to evaluate which items are real trumpets - read my Caveat emptor

Pictures taken of the Curiosity Collectors Corner set
BBC announcement
Curiosity is a new competitive format for BBC One hosted by Paul Martin that puts contestant’s knowledge of history, antiques and collectables to the test. The 15-part series tasks two teams to use their skills, expertise and intuition, against the clock, to value and date the items in Paul’s fictional shop.

They will also be tasked with finding fakes, spotting links behind objects and discovering the stories behind the kind of trinkets and treasures that cram collectable emporiums and second hand shops throughout the land.

Paul is a fountain of knowledge and he brings the stories of the objects to life, revealing their provenance and the unique attributes that make them either rare or sought after pieces.

Curiosity is a Hungry Gap Production. The Executive Producer is Pete Lawrence. It was commissioned by Lindsay Bradbury for BBC One daytime.

Preparation for the event:
suggested competition
2nd suggestion
3rd suggestion
proposed questions

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK