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Washington University Bernard Becker Medical Library

Although I had contact with the Becker Library archivist back in March 2012, I had forgotten this when I planned my grand tour

I sent emails to the relevant main university website contact pages and had no really useful help in making an appointment

So I tipped up accepting the published opening times of 0730-500pm

On arrival at 0830 I learned that no staff were in till 0900

And the guy I needed to see came in at 0930

So if you go, make an appointment  !! (And BE SURE to make it with Philip Skroska, archivist who kindly spent his entire day retrieving archived acoustics and showing them to me)

A young lady named Elisabeth kindly started getting out archive boxes for me while I awaited the arrival of archivist Phil

Now it starts to get exciting

They have lots of aids that I have not seen elsewhere

Archivist Phil really knows the collection. He knows a lot about acoustic aids and his knowledge of rare books is a huge advantage to the researcher

As with all of these collections the data provided is sparse but I could not add anything useful except about Rein addreses and dates

Phil promised various bits of data when they are available (link to come)

The Becker collection has just launched a new website link and it is much easier to find the pictures in collection ref VC703

After we had viewed all the acoustics Phil walked me over to the CID building where a couple more trumpets are on display
  download a word document containg a shelf list for archive VC703
  more trumpet pictures
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Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
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