more information on the British Deaf History Society
11 Wilson Patten Street
Warringto WA1 1PG
I visited the Society on 26 Sep 2015.

Warmly welcomed by Peter Jackson who has authored a good selection of inexpensive books related to deaf issues.

My sign language is non-existent, so I was generously helped by the lovely and striking Emily.

You can visit the collection and archive on a Satuday and information is readily available on the BDHS website.
There is a lot of historical data here and some excellent artefacts in addition to the trumpets and hearing aids. You need to make an appointment to visit but in case you can't get there I took a few snaps and they are reproduced here.

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fairly rare metal cone probably Hawksley conversation tube tapered conversation tube tapered conversation tube conversation tube
related artefacts electronic aids electronic aids part of excellent display of
related equipment
interesting historical figures briefly descibed, who contributed towards deaf welfare
some of the historical data has been merged into my history page

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK