buy no 487
style con tube
brand Ferguson
based in
made 1830
retailer unknown
earpiece ivory
body covered tube
horn ivory
horn dia 54 mm
length 1410 mm
weight 161 gm
size show size show size
grille none
marks Ferguson of London
ring no
adjustable flexible ! and earpiece rotates
condition earpiece missing, tube damaged
acquired 2019
seller type auction
found in Eastbourne
country England
value show value show value
seller note Victorian ivory ear trumpet by Ferguson of London
comment This is a new maker to me. I am expecting tough pricing at auction for this lovely ivory ended item.
shape cone
boxed no
gwrok yes
wax no
bay 3
picture shows con tube ear trumpet @
overall view of ear trumpet
horn view of ear trumpet
earpiece view of ear trumpet
three quarter view of ear trumpet
detail view of ear trumpet
detail view of ear trumpet
marks view of ear trumpet
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