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maker aka address location founded details logo  
A & M A & M Hearing Ltd, Newton Road, Crawley, Sussex Rh10 9tt England  click
Acousticon 18 Hanover St London UK   
Acoustiphone 34, Rue De Meslay, Paris France 1910  
Aloe A S Aloe 77 Olive Street St Louis Mo U S A before 1893  
 Definitely sold Vibraphone - also I have a short catalogue 
American Earphone American Earphone Company USA  click
 Trade Mark Audiscope Pat Pend. Amer. Earphone. Co. N.Y. 
Anchor UK  click
 First seen lot 1297 Nick Ward on a sort of banjo 
Ardente Ardente Ltd 309 Oxford Street , London UK  click
Armstrong W H Armstrong & Co Indianapolis In. USA 1885  
 1901 catalog on file 
Arnold Arnold & Sons Giltspur Street, London UK 1819 click
 Arnold and Sons began in 1819, they incorporated with John Bell and Croyden in 1923, the partnership ended in 1928.

Atkinson 3 Union Court Holborn London U K 1830?  
Aubry Aubry France pre 1888  
Audios Audios France  click
Auster T Auster & Co Birmingham Uk  click
Aylsworth Alvin W Aylsworth Fostorio, Seneca, Ohio USA 1904 click
Bailey W H Bailey & Son 45 Oxford Street, London UK 1833 -  click
 1833 William Huntley Bailey established
1843 William Huntley Bailey 418 Oxford St
1873 William Huntley Bailey 16 Oxford St
1894 W H Bailey & Son 38 Oxford St
???? W H Bailey & Son 45 Oxford St

Bailly Paris France  click
Baugh L H Baugh 199 Strand, London Uk   
 Wrights Improved Baugh (Fecit) successor to S Shepherd 199. Strand.

Other acoustic instrument makers (if that is not too specific a term for people who sold a variety of things, including ‘medical’ devices) of the late 1830s and 1840s, predating Rein, include the aurist William Wright, whose 'Gong Metal Ear Trumpets' were manufactured and sold by L.H. Baugh at 199 The Strand, from at least 1832 to 1835. He wrote in On the Varieties of Deafness and Diseases of the Ear (1829, p.276), 'the adaptation of an ivory ear-piece to a small bugle-horn, which I have directed to be made, appears to answer the purpose better than any other, and I believe the person to whom I gave the pattern, makes and sells a great number of them'.

L.H. Baugh, successor to S. Shepherd, 199, Strand, London, continues to manufacture the celebrated GONG METAL EAR TRUMPETS, and other ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS, so much approved of by the most eminent Surgeon-Aurists. These Instruments are universally admitted to be the most efficacious ever invented for the assistance of persons afflicted with deafness. The Trumpet is a handsome instrument, elegantly formed and finished, and may be carried in the pocket without the slightest inconvenience. Also the newly invented Ear Cap, which may be worn under a lady’s cap or bonnet without being perceived (The Morning Post, Monday, February 13, 1832; pg. [1]; Issue 19088).
Belclere Belclere 171 Cowley Road Oxford England 1958*1964 click
 Kelly's Directory 1958 to 1964 No 171 Belclere hearing aid manufacturers. 
Bernard Cie Bernard Cie 7 Rue De Londres, Paris France  click
Biarritz Gerrard Biarritz France  click
Big Ideas Big Ideas Gendale Arizona USA   
Blodgett Dr F M Blodgett No 1286 Broadway New York USA  click
 Multi-Audiphone Dr F M Blodgett New York Patented April 8 1890 2L
He also made a small bakelite aid called a Micro Audiphone
BMW Britton, Malcolm & Waymark 38 Southwark Bridge Road London SE1 UK 1921  
Bradley-Martin Bradley-Martin USA   
Brasseur Le Brasseur Surgical 90 Worcester Street, Birmingham UK   
 Catalog shows swan trumpet
and has further addreses
31 Edgbaston St Birmingham
12 Mortimer Street London
14 Bilston Street Wolverhampton
C C O C C O Paris France  click
Caswell Caswell, Hazard & Co Broadway, Corner 24th St. New York USA   
Chanaud De Chanaud Brussels   
 found on Ebay sonor 
Charriere France   
Chi Ha Paura Chi Ha Paura Silodam 31, Amsterdam Holland 1996  
Clarvox Clarvox Paris France  click
 This company is probably only a dealer with no manufacture 
Collin France   
Dekoempire Zwickau Germany  click
 This company sells a huge range of brand new items on the internet, primarily EBay. 
Dentaphone American Dentaphone Cincinnati USA  click
Diac Paris France  click
Discazaux Biarritz France   
 Made ear tubes, maybe distributor
Tubes are cylinder type
Door Manufacturing Usa details 
 Found on item at Wheaton College 
Dowling R J Dowling London UK  click
Down Down Bros 5&7 St Thomas Street, Borough London 1874detailsclick
 address in 1892 catalog 
Drapier Drapier 41 Rue De Rivoli Paris France 1829-1940? click
 I have catalogs for 1890 and 1929 both at Rue de Rivoli
But later (I think) they were at
17 Ave De Lopera Paris
E Franck Societies Sciences Industrielles Arts Et Belles Lettres De Paris Brevet Sgdg 271 Rue St Honores France 1880?  
Eschmann Eschmann London UK  click
 still supplying NHS in 1976 
Euro Vibraphone European Vibraphone Co 189 Regent Street London UK  click
Eyre Hawksworth Eyre and Co Sheffield, Yorkshire England 1845  
Fanin Fanin & Co 41 Grafton St Dublin  click
Faure Faure - Bernard 12 Rue Des Renaudes 12 Paris France   
Ferguson London 1822-1869  
 found on Con Tube in Ivory at Eastbourne auctions
1822 - Daniel Ferguson, 14 Castle Street, London;
1826 - Daniel Ferguson, 44 West Smithfield St, London;
1828 - Daniel Ferguson, 21 Giltspur Street, London;
1850 - Ferguson & Son, 21 Giltspur Street, London
1858 - John Ferguson & Co, 21 Giltspur Street, London
(from Science Museum)
Franck Valery Franck Valery 25 Boulevard De Capucines Paris 1881-1940 click
 Also at 9 Bd Des Capucines 
FWA UK  click
Galante Henry Galante Paris France 1851-1935  
 note label in history

probably only a dealer
Gardner J Gardner And Son 32 Forrest Road, Edinburgh UK 1831-1920 click
Gateau France   
General Acoustics General Acoustics 77 Wigmore St., London UK 1899 click
 From a letterhead weve seen we know that General Acoustics was established in 1899 and that they were at the 77 Wigmore Street address in 1930. We have a metal swan shape trumpet with them at 18 Hanover Street, probably 1920s or before. They are already at the Wigmore Street address in the 1927 PO London directory, so one could say that the move probably took place somewhere around 1925, but I cant be more precise than that.

Complicating matters, they dont appear at all in the 1918 PO London (the next earliest we have), and 18 Hanover Street is a dentist . However, their trade mark was Acousticon, and there is a hearing aid firm AcousticonS at 353 Oxford Street in 1918, so we might be dealing with a name change as well.

All in all, my current guess is 18 Hanover St. c.1920-25, 77 Wigmore St. 1925 onwards.

credit Alan @ Thackray
Globe Globe Phone Manufacturing Boston USA 1907 - 1921 click
 Globe Phone Mfg was in business in Boston USA from 1907 to 1921. 
Greiling Rue De Martin PARIS France  click
Haertel Hermann Haertel Weidenstrase 33, Breslau Germany 1819  
HAM Hearing Aid Museum 1013 Ridgeway Drive Lynden, WA 98264-1057 USA 2006?  
Hampson Hampson, Prince & Cattles UK  click
Harrys Harrys Paris France  click
Hausmann Hausmann AG Waldeggstrasse 43 - CH-9100 Herisau Switzerland  click
Hawksley T Hawksley 357 Oxford Street, London Uk 1869detailsclick
 Hawksley also retailed at 12 James Street see my #371 
Hayhurst 139 Priory Road Hastings Tn343jj U K details 
Hear All Hear All USA 1860  
Hilliard W B Hilliard & Son Renfield Street, Glasgow UK 1834 click
Holy Thomas Beard Holy Norton House Sheffield UK   
 lived 1824-1908 
Home-made Home-made Unknown   
 Appears to be shed work but well may have been used as an ear trumpet. 
Integra France ?  click
 Seen on a pair on auricles and on Ebay on a telscopic item 
James Dixon Sheffield UK 1808 click
John Bell John Bell & Croyden Ltd 8 Welbeck St, London W UK 1798 click
 also at 50-52 Wigmore St London W see#313 
Jones J Jones V Balderson 8 Old Cavendish Street Wi UK   
Kawe Later Trademark For Kws Germany   
Kottgen Horakustik Kottgen Horakustik Hohenzollernring 2-10, Cologne Germany  click
KRL India   
Kws Kirchner & Wilhelm (KWS) Stuttgart Germany 1890 - detailsclick
Lafont Louis Lafont 11 Rue Vignon Paris France  click
Lawley Walter Lawley London UK 1870-1920  
Leiter Jos Leiter Vienna   
Lentz Charles Lentz & Sons, 33 South 17th Street Philadelphia USA 1866  
 7th edition catalog on file 
Lindsey Lindsey & Sons 32 Ludgate Hill, London UK 1830 -detailsclick
Luer Luer 104 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris France   
Lutz Ferrando Lutz Ferrando Buenos Aires Argentina   
Marchi A Marchi Italy   
Martineau Martineau France   
Mathieu 2, Carrefour De L'odeon Paris France   
Maw Maw & Son 7-12 Aldersgate Street, London Ec UK 1807detailsclick
 1918 catalog on file lists several factories 
Mayer & Meltzer Mayer & Meltzer 59 Great Portland Street, London UK 1869-1920 click
Mayer & Phelps Mayer & Phelps 23 Park Hill Rise London W1 UK 1864-1925  
 from Science Museum:
May have been succeeded by Down Bros. &

Mayer & Phelps Ltd. by 1930s
1864 - Jos. Mayer, 51 Great Portland Street, London; 1869 - Mayer-Meltzer, 59 Great Portland Street; 1874 - Mayer-Meltzer, 71 Great Portland Street; 1886 - Joseph Meltzer dies

Merged with Down Bros about 1928
McQueen R McQueen & Son 52 Grainger Street, Newcastle UK 1840-1890? click
 R McQueen and son were at 52 Grainger St. So the firm continued long after Robert's death. By the late 1890's, the firm also advertised as opticians and makers of surgical instruments, truss and bandages, suppliers to the Newcastle Royal Infirmary. They were also makers of mathematical instruments. 
Mears Mears UK 1924 click
Megaphone France   
 I have assigned this brand name a maker in the forlorn hope we will eventually work out who made it 
Meyrowitz E B Meyrowitz New York Usa 1873detailsclick
 104 East 23rd St, 145 West 42nd St, 237 Fifth Ave, 650 Madison Ave, New York, London Paris 
Montgomery Ward Montgomery Ward USA 1872 - 2000  
Naturton The Naturton Company 83 PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W.1. England   
North S North Syracuse NY USA 1880-  
 found on Steimed trump
Nyrop C Nyrop Yrains Eftf Copenhagen Denmark 1873  
Palatine Palatine Engineering Co Ltd Hawthorne Road, Bootle, Liverpool UK 1887-1981  
Penn Penn Surgical Manufacturing Co Philadelphia USA  click
 Found on Ebay with a 19 hole london dome 
Phipps & Robinson 40, Gutter Lane, London UK   
Pilling George Pilling & Sons Philadelphia USA 1814 click
Pine W B Pine 352 Strand London England 1847 ?  
William Blackmore Pine was born on the 4th of August 1812 in Tovil near Maidstone. He was the son of John Pine and his wife Rebecca, nee Carberry. His parents were non-conformists, his birth being registered as such in London in 1829. In 1844 he married an Irish girl, Louisa Hawkins, in Lambeth. He was the front for Scott's business for many years but eventually he emigrated to Australia. Pine designed hearing instrument himself, with this rather attractive flower cornet from 1849. One page in The Times (Tuesday, Jul 02, 1850; pg. 11; Issue 20530), has adverts for Pine’s cornet, Rein’s auricles, and S. and B. Solomons's 'organic vibrator an extraordinarily powerful, small, newly invented instrument for deafness, entirely different from all others, to surpass anything of the kind that has been, or probably ever can be, produced'
Planoflex Planofex. Ges Gesch. DRGM Germany   
Reily & Storer Reily & Storer London UK  click
Rein 108 F C Rein 108 108 Strand London Uk 1835-1916detailsclick
 1914 catalog pages on file

Rein continued his business until his death in 1896, employing a brother-in-law Michael Payne, and later a nephew Cornelius Payne. Rein’s son, the third Frederick Charles, does not seem to have been terribly happy. He married Mary Aleyna Winter in 1867, but of their two children, the first girl died aged two, and the second Nelly Maud (or Nellie Maud) never married. He seems to have used the name Charles. There are two unfortunate stories to be found about him, which point the way to his end. The first is from April 1893:
Rein 30 F C Rein 30 30 Strand, London UK 1916 - 1963 click
Reynders John Reynders & Co 303 Fourth Avenue, New York USA  click
 pre 1884
catalog 1884 shows 303 Fourth Av New York
Reynolds Reynolds Branson, Leeds UK   
Rochhausen Rochhausen Waldkirchen 9367 Waldkirchen (erzgeb.) Bez. Karl-marx-stadt Germany 1947 -  click
Royal 29 Rue Orfilla Paris France   
Sears Sears Roebuck USA   
Sexer Andre Sexer Rue Racine, 7 Nantes France   
 Found on an Ebay sonor box

Andre Sexer seems to have been an optician, selling trumpets

In the case of #478 the maker was AUDIOS
Shapeways Shapeways Belgium   
Sherwood John Sherwood & Sons Litchfield Street Birmingahm UK  click
Simal France   
SMC Surgical Manufacturing 83 Mortimer Street W1 UK   
 1926 catalogue shows 74 and 151 Praed Street Paddington

also my catalog shows 88 West Regent Street Glasgow
Solomons S & B Solomons 369 The Strand, London Uk 1838  
 S. & B. Solomons of Albemarle Street, “Opticians and Aurists to their Majesties the King and Queen of Hanover” – they add, “No connexion [sic] with persons of the same name” – and, a person of the same name, Mr E. Solomons of 36 Old Bond Street, “Optician, Patentee of the Amber Spectacles,” who “respectfully informs the public that he has effected a vast improvement in VOICE CONDUCTORS, for aiding and permanently relieving all CASES of DEAFNESS. They are acknowledged to be far superior to any hitherto offered, do not require to be held, and are formed on a scale so small as to be scarcely visible.” etc… (The Age, Sunday Oct 4th, 1838 p.320). Next to this advertisement is one for Dr James Scott‘s establishment at 369 The Strand, under his ‘superintendent’ William B. Pine, offering the Soniferon, a sort of table based ear trumpet that “stands on a pillar like a lamp,” and Dr Scott’s Ear Cornets, “invaluable to those individuals whose whose deafness does not require so powerful an instrument as large as Soniferon.” In 1836 Scott was not at that address it seems, from an advert in 1836, but that they were being manufactured under Scott’s supervision by Savory and Co., ‘chemists and medical instrument makers’ (Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, Sunday, October 30, 1836). That changed to ‘Scott and Co.’ in March 1837, or ‘Scott, Savory and Co.’ in some adverts, and not long after they must have dissolved their arrangement. Savory had other premises in New Bond Street. In 1837 Scott was advertising ‘Voice Conductors’ (The Age, Sunday, May 28, 1837; pg. 176). 
Stille Stille Gustav III:s Boulevard 42 SE-169 73 Solna Sweden 1841 -   
Thornton I Thornton Turnham Green UK 1815 click
Tiemann Geo Tiemann & Sons 67 Chatham Street, New York USA detailsclick
 1874 catalog on file 
Truax Truax Greene & Co Chicago USA details 
Vaast Paris France   
Vibraphone Vibraphone USA   
Walb Wilhelm Walb Nachfolger Heidelberg Germany 1880  
 EBay 183780606152

Making up to at least 1920 probably later
Webster A W Webster 12 Chapel Street, Bedford Row, Holborn Uk 1836  
Alfonso William Webster, who patented his otaphone in 1836 and was advertising it in the papers within weeks, available from 102 New Bond Street, then premises at 12 Chapel Street, Bedford Row, Holborn (The Standard, Thursday, April 07, 1836; pg. [1]; Issue 2781). He wrote A new and familiar treatise on the structure of the ear, and on deafness (1836) which we unfortunately do not have. He also wrote On the Principles of Sound; their application in the construction of public buildings, particularly to the New Houses of Parliament, etc (1840) , which is held in UCL Special Collections. The last date I can see for the ‘otophone’ [sic] being advertised is The Morning Chronicle, Wednesday, January 9, 1839; Issue 21573. It is possible this Alphonsus Webster was married to a lady called Ann and had at least one daughter, Eliza, born 1815, and a son Septimus, born 1830 (see the IGI). I cannot find Webster in the 1841 census. Perhaps he died around that time, which may explain why he no longer advertised.
Weimer Weimer & Co USA   
Weiss John Weiss & Sons 62 Strand London UK 1787-detailsclick
 moved to 62 Strand in 1836

also at 287 Oxford Street W seen on a banjo where they moved in 1885
Wendschuch Carl Vendschuch Dresden germany   
Western Instrument Western Instrument Company Chicago USA   
 I have a picture of an early con tube 
Westmacott Manchester UK   
Whitelaw R Whitelaw Aberdeen UK  click
Whitely Willian Whitely Queens Road London UK   
Willen Willen Bros 44 New Cavendish Street, London England 1918?  
Witmond Barry Witmond Burghley House, London England 2018details 
Wocher Max Wocher & Son 19-21-23 W Sixth St, Cincinnati USA 1897-1912  
 Google lists a newspaper from 1812 with an advert for ear trumpets 
Wooley James Wooley & Sons Co Manchester UK 1833-1962  
 It was taken over by British Drug Houses in 1962 
YNR YNR Instruments Manchester UK   

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK