My Favourite Ear Trumpets
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4 My first trumpet, very expensive but ineffectual. Hallmarked and hallmarked 1803.

Solid silver and quite pretty, the trumpet marks the beginning of the collection.

Made by Hampson, Price & Cattles.
58 Beautiful silver trumpet by Reily & Storer found in the USA, hallmarked 1835.

Very simple folded design but a work of art.
75 Conversation tube made by Lafont, Paris.

Known as an ' ACCUTUBE' and attributed to one DR. PARREL

Looked for ages to find this which is supposed to be the best con tube.
78 The only one I have used for real in both cinema and theatre.

It was probably silver plated and I believe it is unique.

Beautiful repoussé work and works quite well.
94 The F C Rein trumpet I carried as a competitor on Bargain Hunt, twice I got prices down by pulling out the trumpet.

Beautifully engraved silver plate and ivory earpiece.
100 One of only 5? examples known world wide.

I went to the USA to collect it because it is so fragile.

The item is pressed against one's teeth in use and relies on bone conduction.

I even have the box and some instructions.
102 A good example of the very rare Valery fan / trumpet combo - also collected during a USA museum trip.

Even the Fan Museum does not have one of these.

There are several variations on the theme but the Franck Valery is the posh one.
118 An exquisite stethoscope, earliest are 1816-20 this is a bit later, maybe 1840.

Ivory earpiece and just beautifully made.

I have never seen another one.
163 I spent years looking for one of these and 3 slightly different ones turned up in Belgium in a box of 7 trumpets.

Solid silver but unmarked and of limited use, but very elegant.
170 I found this exquisite folded trumpet quite close to home in Coalville.

This must be one of Hawksley's most expensive pieces.

In addition to the magnificent scroll grille, the bell is a masterful bit of repousse work.
182 This belonged to a lady in New York who also had a plastic trumpet.

This solid silver one was for use on Sundays !

No hallmarks. It comes with a lovely red leather box.
204 This walking stick was purchased for a a couple of hundred pounds just 6 weeks after I turned down a similar item in very poor condition at £1250.

The collection has 5 different authentic ear trumpet walking sticks which are hard to find.
207 A unique? survivor plastic banjo, very light , quite effective and found for just a few pounds.

Never seen this in another collection, for sale or in a catalogue.
210 The Victorian eyefone !- trumpet and spectacles combined.

These are also becoming quite difficult to find.
246 Styled like a saxophone and probably unique, I assume was made by a musical instrument maker as a commission.

Purchased in New York, the seller didn't know much about it because it was in the belongings of a deceased gentleman.

It is probably unique.
251 It took me several years to persuade the brocante owner in Paris to sell me this large dome.

I wanted it for the grille.

Amongst some of the most attractive grilles in the collection , this one stood out.

I am very keen to find out about the maker Greiling, clearly shown, but no records seem to exist.
252 This is a solid silver trumpet without hallmarks that must have been commissioned around 1820.

I think it is a beautiful object and it works quite well.

The grille is a delight and a perfect example of silver work of the period.

Bought from a UK auction house against fierce competition, hammer was 10x estimate.
257 Extendable faux green jade plastic ear trumpet, 26cm in length.

Never seen this material in this application before.

This design was popular right up to 1980.
271 Rare example of Aylsworth's 1905 Patent Ear Trumpet, the patent for which was awarded on January 24, 1905.

Aylsworth's patent incorporates a spring-mounted diaphragm that extends into the base of the trumpet bell.

I am unaware of a similar example.
278 A Miss Greene style trumpet, clearly Medresco but a different decoration to my earlier exanple.

Made by Eschmann Bros. 1959 with NHS markings for OL340.

I have copies of the factory drawing for this item.
338 This item has be very old.

Based on the shape it must pre-date the catalogue items of the 19th century and so I have estimated it to be nearer 1770.

Not home made, but assembled by a craftsman because of the rolled lip.

Possibly my oldest item. I have a later one which is clearly improved.
373 This small banjo is GERMAN not French per the seller and the marking makes it different to every one I have.

DRGM defines it as between 1891 and 1952.

Only 215mm long, it is just a tiny example of a popular shape.
384 Purchased from a convent in Canada - beautifully embossed with African wild animals.

Solid silver with no marks.

An eclectic piece of art.
390 Sold to me by a Scottish lady who thought it should be in my collection after finding the trumpet in her attic and me on the internet.

I thought that all the beehive ones were plastic, so a metal one was a nice surprise.

The price I offered was market value and both parties really happy with the private sale.
402 A Blodgett auricle probably one of only 3 known world wide, complete with the decorated metal box.

A distinctly Art Nouveau styled auricle in faux tortoiseshell.
403 An expensive 7 horn trumpet bought in Houston Texas, probably unique and quite old ~1820.

The horns are enamelled metal and in extraordinary condition.

A real conversation piece.
406 I have been trying to find a trumpet by Baugh for ages.

They are always way over-priced because they are rare.

I paid bottom estimate at auction on this one and am very pleased with it.

They did make much bigger ones.
423 I waited for 15 years to find one of these.

Two appeared as a lot on EBay and disappeared before I bid to buy them.

Months later the owner of a Medical Museum offered me the one he didn't want.

He had walked to the seller's retail shop and bought the items.
438 Again I waited over 15 years for one of these.

The first one that appeared at auction was over £1500.

I have since bought 3 different ones for a total less than that.

Arrived with small note inside saying Great Grandma Harris' Ear Trumpet late 1920's (Eliza Lizzetta Harris)
446 A fine pair of Victorian silver ear tubes.

These are an unusual shape - quite rare.

I think probably made as a one off because they have no marks.

I bought this because of the unusual grille in this style - 'sonor'.

Marked Le Megaphone Made in France, anyone know who the maker is ?
467 I bought a box at auction containing 8 trumpets. The poor catalogue description meant that I was only sure of one item new to the collection.

This Miss Greene was a real bonus - never seen these pimples before that make nice 'feet' with the ribbon ring a third foot.

Turned out that the other 7 were all NHS trumpets and each one different to what I had.

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