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Jan 2020 Greetings. My name is Francis. I am currently involved in Historical re enactments in the United States, of the time period roughly late 1700's to mid 1860's. I am losing my hearing, and while trying to learn sign to further educate the public,I also would like to show how hard of hearing, and deaf managed in these time periods. Any information you have on the use of ear horns, and other equipment would be welcome. Thank you.
Perhaps the most telling aspect of pre-electronic hearing aids is the huge variety of solutions offered.
Take a look at a hidden corner of my website and view a banner I did last year for display at an art show.
It describes how different they were and the variety of trumpets found.
look here
I could send you a large version, cordially, myk
Thank you for answering so quickly. As I stated, I do historical re enactments, and I am trying to be as accurate to the period as I can. the "character" I am working to portray is not of the "gentry" so anything of silver, or brass would most likely be out of the question. I purchased a cow horn which is the right shap for holdiing to my right ear, the left being to far gone to be of much use. My main concern would be how to make it up to fit the period, and what sort of details such as decoration, and any loops, or straps were used. I also demonstrate cordage making which requires the use of both hands, so anything that would make it possible to keep the horn "handy" rather than constantly having to set it on my table would be helpful. If there was a neck, or shoulder strap that was common, I can make them easily enough. Thank you again for your quick response. Sincerly Francis
Trumpets were not sold with cords or ribbons
Some trumpets had a ring
About 1% had 2 rings like a hunting horn
Users predominantly added a ribbon rather than a cord
Only a couple of my 500 trumpets still have a ribbon attached
As for rings you can search for trumpets with rings on my site
Look for mourning stuff too
So you will have to be inventive !!

no response
Jan 2020 Your site is amazing. Thank you for collecting these historic devices for a problem almost everyone now seems to struggle with. I’m very interested in learning about which historic devices actually work. My questions are: Which device design in your collection is most effective? Do any of the smaller devices stand out as useful? Have you seen the new EarHD device from Flange? [Flare] I would love to hear your thoughts on their device. Thanks again, Paul
Generally the larger trumpets are the most effectiveReally one needs a collecting horn much larger than a human earSo they are either quite long or can be the larger LondonDome parabolic typeMost of the small devices are uselessI think sometimes just using a trumpet means people try a bit harder to communicateI was very interested to read about the earHD - seems that the flim flam of Victorian times lives on ! myk
Dec 2019 Hi, I just found another ear-trumpet like gadget. One which can be used as an ear trumpet but also as a device to listen to the radio. And there is a headconstruction to let you have your hands free. It is called Klear Tone. I can’t find any information online. Can you tell me more about this? Was it a succes? What year shall it be from? Thank you, Roland
My sincere apologies I was looking up an email from my website with a long thread . Suddenly I found your mail sent via my website contact form so my email placed it in the thread and I missed it ! I regret I have nothing to help you with Klear Tone. myk
Dec 2019 Where can I buy the 'EAR GLASSES' shown below, in the UK? Carolyn
They are no longer available at Amazon but you could try this link and ask for info myk
Many thanks for your very swift reply…… luck on the link you kindly gave me, so I’ll keep searching on the net, as I’d like some by Christmas. C
That link has a buy page for the USA only They used to be at Selfridges but long gone If you find them please let me know, myk
I have a VERY deaf friend in NY and he says this is the best non-hearing aid solution myk

Nov 2019 Hello, I consider to sell a hearing device, the same as your buy no 142 in very good condition. As you have this hearing aid already maybe you are not interested. Maybe you can tell me what is it worth. Your sincerely Paul
Is the trumpet marked ?
if so what is the marking ?

it is exactly the same!
A reasonable price is 75-150 english pounds
if you click this link
and select 'sonor' you will see recent sales of trumpets
in the sold column 'yes' means they actually sold 'removed' means that they tried too high a price and they eventually ceased the listing enjoy !

Thank you very much!
Oct 2019 hello, I am deaf and considering a ear trumpet. The doc said hearing aids won't work any more as my hearing is so bad. They wanted me to do the implant but the though of a robotic voice scared me. so if you were going to pick one type that really helps... what would it be ? Thank you Todd
sorry that you are deaf - I have that too
the best trumpet is the one with the largest horn
as for choice see here:

buy one
Sep 2019 I have already fallen down the rabbit hole of your website, its amazing. Thanks for the research tool it really is useful. Leigh-Anne
cheers myk
Aug 2019 I have recently bought this lovely London dome ,and I wondered about your thoughts on its age, it’s got a nice swan shaped neck, is this unusual? It seems to have a plating? that has mostly worn off. Many thanks Regards Rob
Hi the general form London Dome is one of the more popular styles. It was adopted because it shortens the physical length of the trumpet. They come in a myriad of detail differences - look at my web page here: I think it may have been supplied by Arnold but without a mark it is impossible to be sure. The copper coloured flashing is also quite a popular finish but it isn't very resilient to scratching. I have attached a drawing showing the section of the item and a patent drawing by North using a similar approach best wishes myk
section of London Dome click picture to enlarge
Thanks very much for your reply, that’s all very interesting,and much appreciated! Would you think my one is Victorian or newer than that? Rob
I’ve just checked out your page and it really looks like the 1890 Arnold one as you say. That’s brill. I paid £15 for it so think I did quite well!
It seems to be in the 1904 Arnold catalogue, so turn of the century £15 is a steal, where did you buy it from ? myk
That’s great, we were in Lincoln at the weekend and an antique market was there by the cathedral. I spotted it and managed to knock the chap down from £20, which was a bit cheeky, but there you go! Rob
You are very lucky ! It should have been far more than that myk
Yes I think so, looking at some of the amazing prices on eBay. I’ve been looking for one for a while, loving victoriana etc , so was really pleased to get it. Thanks again for the info Rob
Some of the high priced trumpets on EBay have been there for years. One dealer got misled and boughr a collection at inflated prices now she can't sell them. Have a good day myk
May 2019
download Dr Roelf PDF
Thanks for getting in touch The pair of auricles is a relatively common form of trumpet - my grandmother wore a large pair of these The component with wires is almost certainly not part of the auricles As an engineer it looks to me like a basket for electro plating If you ever find out for sure I would love o know Best wishes and thank you for using my language

Thanks for your answer. The component with the wires is certainly a part of the auricles !
1) It's present in both auricles
2) It was firmly attached, I had to use pliers
3) I found on Internet a picture of auricles with the same 'device' (attachment; Clarvox) I personally think it is a form of quackery, as all the tiny in-ear devices. Some had internal reeds to vibrate with certain frequencies to enhance te sound (attachment) If you know more, please let me know... Roelf
Just found out, you are the owner of the other auricles with the wires ? ;-) So please inspect them and tell me your opinion. Roelf
I have several ear tubes with reeds in and a silver auricle called an Acoustiphone #426 which has a vibrating reed. There are a few larger trumpets with small vibrating parts notably the Aylsworth # 271.
The wired cans in your auricles are surely quackery - so prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Thank you very much !! GrR
I now remember a long while ago, maybe 15 years, finding a bundle of wires in a trumpet Sadly at the time we assumed that the wires were alien and had just fallen in the trumpet in a box of junk So I feel more sure that it was a piece of quackey best wishes myk
Have you already checked your Clarvox #362 ?
I have several in that general shape and none have wires in
The wires, as on the picture, aren't there anymore ? You (accidentely) removed them ? ...that's a pity. GrR
CORRECTION #362 with my spectacles and a torch HAS GOT WIRES And you are right - even the picture shows them I need to remark about that in the listing for 362 - THANK YOU ! I still think it is quackery, but the existence of a can with wires seems to suggest it was an addition made when new I bought 362 in France I bow to your attention to detail
PLEASE, make some more pictures, with some details of the wires. If I can get more information I will write an article about this...
... I will be taking pictures on Tuesday pm and will add a shot of the auricle with the wires illuminated and send it to you I don't really want to try and remove the wires...
Trumpets with wires - a summsru of the results may be found here
Apr 2019 Having looked through your amazing catalogue I shall be grateful if you will let me know availability of a Dekoempire, or any similar design which actually works and is less expensive. ( I am 81 and 'deaf as a post') With thanks
Thank you for the kind words - the website and the collection are the proud result of 20 years collecting - I am 77 and also deaf as the proverbial. I don't sell trumpets. Dekoempire is a German EBay seller and they offer quite a wide range of reproduction trumpets (some of which are useless). The one currently listed as 312283550218 is a copy of a successful Victorian trumpet - it is about £39. You will struggle to get one cheaper or one that performs any better without paying much more.
Best wishes myk

Many thanks for your prompt reply, Myk. The advice given on your website is both interesting and valuable. As an ex player of the flugel horn (with far more ambition than talent) I now recognise the instruments that were designed to be blown, or listened to without being introduced into one’s ear, but I have to confess I would quite probably have bought one unaware. It occurs to me that it would be interesting to make an instrument of my own but, before starting this, I shall be most grateful for any advice you may carer to give as to which of the many designs of war trumpet was most effective.

I suggest you read my page called Buy One
Mar 2019 Here is the date for your Curiosity broadcast and I have attached 2 stills - Josh

thanks ! myk
Jan 2019 ... Thanks to your site I now know it is a Tiemann brand ...
... Appreciate all the hard work to put up and maintain your site.
Tell me about it !
Dec 2018 I am looking for a lady fan and a dentaphone. If you find some, please let me know. Also looking for hearing horns for children, I only have three. Soon I send you some pics of my collection, it is more than 40 acoesticon right know. Patricia
Before you give away electrical items please ask Dr Neil Bauman (email address) if he is interested as he collects I would love to see your pictures of unusual ones Thanks for getting in touch
28 Nov 2018 Wondering the value of the Rochhausen Model 40 ear trumpet. Your site says they are readily available and made until recently but i cant find a source or any online. Can you tell me how much these cost and where to find them? Thank you! Terry
This is on EBay right now and has been for quite a few months: 183391785886
listed Oct not sold: 2047675.l2557 123261027165
Try EBay seller Marjan Kieboom - [email protected] - and say I sent you
Marjan has one in stock I believe
As to price, a reasonable level is £150
The ones above have been listed many times at much higher prices which is why they don't sell, cheers myk
Thank you so much for this very helpful response..I greatly appreciate you taking the time! Terryl
15 Oct 2018 I pointed out an OL being offered as WW1 was incorrect:
Thanks for the info. Feedback is always appreciated. I am surprised they still used ear trumpets as late as 1950 especially as miniature valves were already well established. On the plus side you wouldn’t have batteries to worry about. Is there some reference work for ear trumpets that one could refer to from time to time? - Roger
The NHS issued over 20,000 trumpets in the year 1976 !! I was in my mid thirties at that time and never saw one in use. As for help - I am always delighted to know about trumpets as I collect.
My collection (largest in world - Guinness) is a good start for information, I run 2 websites and update them regularly, & - cheers myk

That's an awesome collection you have!  I will keep your details on file if I may as I have had requests for ear trumpets and it's not really my subject. Again thanks for your input and I will update the details on the Antiques Atlas site.
18 Sep 2018 the trumpet is on ebay right now see item ref 312239351995 E18, myk
thank you Hugh
6 Sep 2018 Where can I buy one of the Dekoempire replica ear trumpets as per your picture of it on your website - cost 49 euros. When I try to go to the Dekoempire there is no response. Hugh
They are a not very customer oriented I guess they are out of stock again If you keep an eye on their entries in Ebay it will pop up Just follow DekoEmpire on Ebay, myk
Jun 18 I have a Lutz Ferrando Ear Trumpet and Etui. In perfect condition. I found when clearing out my grandfather's house. Can you let me know a rough estimate on value, I may keep it or sell for charity. - Philip
If it is like the one I have as no 101 - view trumpet
then the last one sold on Ebay for £130 the one before £261 they are less plentiful than some styles if it is not that shape please send me a photo as I might make a private bid for it.
This is it. Seems to be in great condition. But looks similar to the one you have. Thanks for getting back to me
The case is more rare than the trumpet especially if undamaged - the poppers fall out - cheers
I read it's crocodile skin! The case and poppers are fine. It's such an interesting object, for ages i thought it was a smoking pipe or something to put oil in an old engine. 
May 18 Hello sir, what do you think of this object? It is made of painted copper, except the sliding head glass clamp. It lacks a mouthpiece horn. One of the nut that holds the headband is not original. A small crack towards the window due to the head. A word engraved 'DEPOSE' and the number "107" From what era? Very cordially.
I have not seen this style in metal before, usually they are faux tortoiseshell.
I suggest that the item is probably 1880-1900 but could be a little later.
Looking through my catalogues, I can't see a metal version.
(text altered to compensate fror translation errors)
Mar 18 Hi I have a Mears telescopic ear trumpet but the screw on earpiece is missing do you think I would ever find another one to fit it. Is it rare, looks like it was supplied by the national health in the 50's.
Thanks Michael.
I havent got a photo but could get one at the end of March when I'll be visiting the house where its kept. Do you have one, its trumpet shaped rather than banjo shaped.
Thanks Michael.
Hi again Ive just found t in your collection its the Miss Harriet Martineau. Why does it have the army or government issue (arrow head) symbol on it amongst the number.Have you ever published anything on them?
Thanks Michael
Hello there - thanks for writing, There were several Mears versions supplied to the NHS. The ones I have been able to identify are listed here: I think it is very unlikely that you wiill find a replacement for the lost earpiece. I have tried to get one 3D printed but the costs are just prohibitive. The NHS delivered as many as 1000 trumpets a week from the late 40's right up to 1976, so they are not really rare. The Government arrow indicates that it is an NHS item. The numbers are a date code month and year. All the data I have on NHS trumpets is on my website, but I have thousands of documents on trumpets collected over the years. Best wishes myk
Feb 18 Hi i am desperately looking for an ear trumpet for my boyfriend for Valentine's. Its a long story but i simply cant afford hundreds of pounds. Im writing to you in the hope you may have a duplicate or one less loved you could sell me a bit cheaper? It will be well loved & will mean alot. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Michele x
Hi did you not read the bold red message at the top of my contact page ? the only really cheap devices are the joke ones: view product
cheers myk
Jan 18 I do have a question about a london dome I have already for many years. The grille can be closed. Can you tell me whtat that is for? Is it to adjust the volume, it seems to, but I can't imagine this london dome needs that ! Roland
Your London Dome is most interesting I have not seen such a thing I have not seen it in a catalogue I want one !!! I think it must be to adjust volume but it seems an unnecessary complication

Dec 17 Hi Myk, in Holland we had a famous cartoon writer who once contacted me about using a ear trumpet. I send him one and in return he made this cartoon for me. He certainly used it till he passed away beginning of this year. For him electronic hearing aids did not work.
In the cartoon he writes he is happy he found the ear trumpet and he calls my name in it. That makes it very unique because he is very well known here.
You can find his cartoons here:

image copyright Jans en de Kinderen
Thank you for the cartoon. He was very talented and so few examples of trumpet cartoons exist
Nov 17 your site is a real gift, a treasure rare... i would like to buy an ear trumpet, like the Dekoempire modern replica listed on your contact page for 49 euros...please advise i am in france, not a collected, just a progressively deaf lady many thanx judith
Hello Judith You should be able to purchase the item from their website
Best wishes Myk
Nov 17 Hello Myk, I found your really informative and interesting site when I was looking for some answers about a inherited Conversation Tube (?). I hope that you can help me with some data for I only know that the earphone was used in Bavaria (Allgäu). Unfortunately, I there are no indications of the manufacturer to discover. In the appendix some photos. The total length is about 110 cm. Question: At what time does the Conversation Tube was manufactured, who could be the manufacturer and what value does it have today? I would be very happy about an answer from the “ear trumpet specialist”. Regards Uwe
Hello Uwe, Thank you for the email and the pictures. The conversation tube was made in this style from about 1865 onwards (a very similar item was still being made in the UK in 1976 !). Based on the tubing pattern I think yours is early 20th century. I think the maker could be Pilling based on comparison to 2 of my collection. Such items are sold on Ebay and many more are listed at high prices which do not sell. Actual sales for similar trumpets vary from as low as £19 this year to as much as £175 in 2015 - look at my list here:
So you can expect a wide rnage of price if you choose to sell - clearly you may state a minimum price, best wishes, myk
Oct 17 Hello, I have a very nice collection eartrumpets from a friend of mine who unfortunately passed away. His wife asked me to sell some of his items. Are you visiting the collecters fair in Utrecht in November? I inclosed some pictures so maybe you can tell me if you are interested.
thank you so much for getting in touch
I have looked at the 3 pictures you sent me my collection is based on variety
I have over 400 ear trumpets and every one is different
I think that looking at your pictures (which are a bit dark) I have every item already
I had not been aware of the Collectors fair I will investigate that - thanks
best wishes

Oct 17 I'm studying a BA in Prop Making. I have to make a close copy of a Hawksley ear trumpet. There's one at Blaise House, Bristol I've examined. But only has an estimated date (1900) It's black, telescoping, the trumpet end is a dome shape, has some eye hooks (e.g. for a cord, lanyard.) I've seen one almost identical in your collection /  website. On your varieties pages (p.1) top row? Could you advise date/make. Many thanks, John
If you find the picture again and click it you should see all the data I have on the left hand side of the image.
You will need to search for 'london dome' using link
Sep 17 I want to purchase a ear trumpet for my friends 100th birthday in Oct. It doesn't have to be old or a fancy replica. He is almost blind & can't hear you have recommendations for what is  most effective & where to purchase one less than $50.00?..
my suggestions are on the page you used to contact me ! please read the sentence in red at the top of the page myk
Aug 17 Hi, I have an ESCHMANN 03 76 OL38001 ear trumpet. It is in excellent condition. I wondered if you were interested in it and what the value of it is? Regards Rachael
Hi Rachael, The trumpet is a 1976 NHS item given away free
I have one of those so it isn't of buying interest to me
However it should fetch between £70-100 on Ebay as it comes up quite a lot
The last  one I saw on Ebay was £145 'buy it now' and it didn't sell
One went for £59 in Oct 2014 and I paid £72 for mine 10 years ago
At the moment there are some 30 trumpets on Ebay and most of them are grossly over priced It has been a trend for a year or more - and some have been sitting there for over 2 years !
I think the dealers saw some high prices for rare items and now feel everything is rare !
Jul 17 I own a small eartrumpet of 27 cm tall and the shell has a diameter of 5 cm. It is made of a kind of plastic. What time period is this eartrumpet? I have not seen him anywhere else. Mandy hou van tell me more about it thanks in advance for your response. See also the attachment. Kind regards, Liekele
If the material is red plastic it is probably 20th century I don't recognise the item from the photos Is it a banjo or a miss greene in style ? Hi again I now realise that this item is very small I have metal ones 6cm dia but none as small as yours I have never come across one quite like this Is the brass ferrule original or a repair ? The photos are not very helpful ! Since it is unusual would you be interested in selling it to me ?
We did a deal and you can see the detail at #417
Jun 17 Hi, I have an ESCHMANN 03 76 OL38001 ear trumpet. It is in excellent condition. I wondered if you were interested in it and what the value of it is?
Regards Rachael
Hi Rachael
The trumpet is a 1976 NHS item given away free
I have one of those so it isn't of buying interest to me
However it should fetch between £70-100 on Ebay as it comes up quite a lot The last one I saw on Ebay was £145 'buy it now' and it didn't sell
One went for £59 in Oct 2014 and I paid £72 for mine 10 years ago
At the moment there are some 30 trumpets on Ebay and most of them are grossly over priced It has been a trend for a year or more - and some have been sitting there for over 2 years ! I think the dealers saw some high prices for rare items and now feel everything is rare !
best wishes

Hi myk, Thank you for the information and quick response. It surprised me these were being supplied in 1976. I am an Audiologist (I can see you have had some experiences with the like of myself). I am quite attached to this item and it has become quite a talking point. It is great to learn more about the history of it.  I introduced it to my two young daughters and they were delighted with it. I intend to keep and enjoy it. Kind regards
May 17 Hi I have purchased an ear trumpet and was wondering if u could tell me anything about it ? It has EAR TRUMPET stamped into the outside of it and is made of what feels like a metal material but is thickly made and heavy any ideas? Kind regards
perhaps you can send me a photo and let me know how big it is
... I think its made of pot/ceramic ...
never seen one in pottery !
it looks quite heavy which is a bit of a pain in use
I regret that I have never seen one like this so I can't tell you very much
At least the earpiece is suitable and is turned correctly sideways
I suspect it has been made as a one off

Mar 17 I just bought a Big Dipper ear horn(made in N.Y.,U.S.A. ) for 100 dollars U.S. The japan finish is 80% gone, otherwise excellent. Any Thoughts on rarity and or value.  Thank You         
Charles, from N.H.,U.S.A.
Hi Charles I would need to see a picture to give you a suggested value But $100 sounds pretty good to me Are you a collector ? - do you want to sell the item ?
Thanks for responding. I collect tinware and this fits into that category so I will hang onto it for now. Meanwhile I will try to send you pics.     
OK do you have other trumpets in your collection ? I will look forward to an image
Jan 17 Do you have any ear trumpets for sale? What is the least expensive that you have, including shipping, in US dollars?
I regret no
Jan 17 We are thrilled to inform you that your application for Largest collection of ear trumpets has been successful and you are now the
Guinness World Records Title Holder!
You will shortly receive one Guinness World Records certificate in the post.

That’s brilliant news: I’m glad everything has turned out so well for you.
I’m afraid I still haven’t had any luck with the logo you sent before Christmas though. Best wishes

That's great news, a Guinness Record Holder!

Dec 16 ...Your website is really fantastic and is I think now absolutely the best resource out there for aspiring ear trumpet collectors. Congrats on doing a fantastic job on it!...
Nov 16 I have a large and also a small london dome ear trumpet. I also have a small and large English banjo in brass. The large banjo works the best of them all, and works great at lectures, eliciting many comments from onlookers. My question is: what do you consider the best sound amplifier of all the old acoustic models made? This might be a hard question for you to answer. I've made a few out of paper mache, and I notice that when they get a bit too big, the sound becomes louder, but more muffled and muddied in quality. I feel my large banjo works the best at amplifying sound, personally. Thanks kindly, Glen
Hi Glen
thanks for getting in touch

without being too specific, it must be true that the items with a larger diameter horn collect the most sound

there is no amplification as such just collecting more sound than one's natural ear

a large cupped hand still seems to be one of the most effective ways to hear better

the small horn devices are almost all quack in my view

there is a special case for conversation tubes where one can place the horn close to the speaker

sometimes resonance in the trumpet is mistaken for amplification,I guess your paper horns are too absorbent to bounce the sound nicely and are clipping the high notes

as a practical matter, one of my trumpets is very good for the theatre, both movie and live see #78

I hope that addresses your question
Nov 16 Hello, I have an ear trumpet that I am considering selling. It is a beehive style, made of black-painted metal with a Bakelite (?) earpiece. The length is 122 mm and the diameter of the bell is 64 mm. There are no maker's marks on the trumpet. I don't have a date for it, but would estimate it at about the beginning of the 20th century. It is in excellent condition with no marks or damage. If you would be interested in buying it, please contact me. Anne
Hi Anne I am interested in your ear trumpet What price would you need for it and how much to post it to me ? How would you like me to pay you ? - I usually use PayPal or BACS Thank you for getting in touch
(I purchased this item)
Oct 16 Dear Myk, such are the wonders of the internet I typed your name into Google, and, BINGO,  managed to 'track you down'! .... I was SO excited to read about your fantastic collection of ear trumpets, and wish you all the best for your Guiness Record attempt too. I write the In Sickness and In Health column for The Tizer, and wrote earlier this year about my memory of seeing elderly people using them when I was a child. In fact my husband and I were chatting to an 80 yrs plus member of Llanbadarn Church congregation in Aberystwyth last week who told us when he was a child when the vicar started his sermon the lady in front of them used to delve deep into her leather bag and bring out a silver trumpet with a flourish which she would then angle towards the pulpit. The picture of your collection in The Tizer looks absolutely WONDERFUL and I was very excited to see it. Best wishes, and kind regards, Anne.
Hello Anne
How lovely to hear from you
If you would like to look further see my brief mobile site
and the whole collection is on one page here
Thank you so much for the good wishes
Sincerely myk

Oct 16 I followed the links on your website to Dekoempire and Amazon for their respective products but I discovered both suppliers do not offer to ship outside their countries i.e. not to the UK. It is looking quite difficult to obtain well-built, non-antique ear trumpets in the UK.
I am sorry to hear that Maybe Brexit has caused DekoEmpire to cease their deliveries because I bought mine that way Amazon is a rule unto itself ! - they change things all the time I can only suggest googling as I did a while back to create the links The replicas on Ebay tend to be very expensive Best wishes,
Oct 16 Where can I purchase a New Ear Trumpet Conversation aid Horn Hearing. I live in Australia. It is for a 100 year old lady who is unable to use a modern hearing aid. I notice the cost on the one below is $20. Does this include postage, or is it available in Australia please?
I assume that you mean the one shown in the attachment
It is on Ebay - search for
New Ear Trumpet Conversation Tube aid ear horn hearing
or look here:
Sep 16 Hi - I've been offered a brass 2 pc ear trumpet by a client and am enquiring as to it's value so that I can pay the man. It looks identical to your Buy 228 brass 2 pc one on your site. I cannot see any stamps, markings etc to identify whether it is new/old etc. Can you help me? If you need a picture I'll have to load it on to a non-work computer and send it. Let me know. Thanks
If your trumpet is identical to 228 on my website it is brand new !
several people are buying repros in Germany and re-selling.
It would only be worth £25, to be sure I need to see some pictures.
if it is different I might be interested in buying it... thanks
Jul 16 Hi.An auction house has told me this item is Edwardian & probably made by Anchor, although it has no markings on it. They valued it at £60-£80. I would be grateful if you could authenticate it for me before I consider selling it? Many thanks,
Your trumpet is a relatively common item and the auction estimate is fair
There have been 2 on Ebay this week at £81 and £106 - neither sold An earlier item a week back did sell at £33 and another at £74
I disagree that the item was made by Anchor, the earpiece shape is wrong
I have 25 banjos in my collectioon and these may be viewed on this page using style and banjo as the search items
you will note that the earpiece looks like many of my banjos but NOT the Anchor one
let me know if I can help further
Jun 16 I would like to buy an ear trumpet.  I don't care if it is replica.  I am not a collector, it is a joke on my husband because he can't hear a damn thing!  He does have aids, but I would like to give him a trumpet as a joke.  Can you help me?
If you scroll down on the contact page you will find some trumpets for sale !
Jun 16 Hi. My 93-year-old mum lives in Portugal and her hearing has been worsening steadily for 5 years. The Portuguese health service is virtually non-existent due to the state of their economy and she is not wealthy enough to pursue private hearing aids. She has asked me to try to find an affordable ear trumpet that she will be able to use in places like church to aid her hearing. Would you be willing / able to assist me at all? Many thanks, Sue P.s. I live in Bolton
If you scroll down on the contact page you will find some trumpets for sale !
May 16 I have what I think is a genuine Victorian ear trumpet.  Would you be willing to weigh in?  Images attached. Thanks. Kennan

Thank you - I have that one - myk
Here is another

I want that one !
Apr 16 Hello, I am the editor of a new online journal dealing with the history of ENT. I would be very interested if you take the time to present your fakes in an article... Thank you very much for your answer. Albert
Feb 16 Dear Myk I believe there is one in the collections at Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester.
Thank you very much indeed!

NB actually there are 2 at Newarke
Feb 16 Hi, I came across your website while researching my ear trumpet. I was hoping you could shed some light on the maker for me. It is engraved by Olavi Horko 1921 27/v. I could not find this maker anywhere.
grille sent in my grille
Thanks for the pictures I have seen a grille which is probably by the same manufacturer - see attached picture
Sadly the 70+ catalogues I have rarely show the decorative grille
If you manage to find the brand I would love to know !
The name appears on a couple of google entries but only as an individual
If I had to guess I would say that the engraving is the owner not the manufacturer, but only a thought
Dec 15 Hello. sorry for bothering you.  attached, I hope are a few images of an ear trumpet ...  ...3 draw telescopic.  Appears to be tin with a brass wash which is fairly extensively worn in places.  I do not think the ear piece is right.  It appears to be stiff rubber.  Still works well though.  Length is 41 cms.fully extended and approx. 23 cms folded.  Dia. of trumpet is 10.5 cms approx.  There are a few shallow dents.
trumpet is in the mail
Dec 15 Fabulous resource You have ! Thank You . Site pages could use a navigation button bar at the bottom . All the best to You and Yours
many thanks for the kind words
I will have a look at the navigation bar issue
Happy New Year
Dec 15 Hello, I'm looking to buy an ear trumpet for my father in law and I'm really struggling to find one. I'm looking for a classic, brass style item. Can you assist?
click Dekoempire on this page
Dec 15 My wife is also very deaf. Would you be ready to sell me one of yours ?
I am amassing a historical collection and not in the business of selling
Look at this page for available items
Nov 15 I have just six acoustic aids, 2x braided, tapered conversation tubes and four trumpets as illustrated in the attached photos. (view pictures) I bought the first three in 2007 when I owned a hearing centre retailing modern hearing aids. Placed in the window and shop as display items they made fascinating 'props' that contrasted well with modern aids and created a lot of interest. I sold the business a few years ago and put the trumpets away but my interested has been stimulated recently when I bought the 3-piece cellulose one in a local auction. I have just bought the German trumpet (very smart!) off Bay and fear I'd paid too much for it!

I have a number of old, electronic aids but I'm not really interested in those and I have decided to try and actively collect ear trumpets rather than the broader range of 'antiques' as I have in the past...
Your collection has risen to the dizzy heights of appearing in my list of collections.
Since you are actively looking for trumpets, it would be useful to get the occasional update when you acquire new ones.
I saw the German trumpet sell and thought it was a bit high priced ...
I did the same with numerous items, bought fakes, paid too much and got misled by unscrupulous vendors - I think I am getting better now.
But now after 15 years of collecting I am a bit more savvy about what pops up - if it is rare and I don't have one I will bid high.
I am watching 12 items on EBay right now and will not buy any of them - I just record what they sell for as people ask what things are worth.
Recently I have bought several items quite cheaply so it does still happen.
People send me pictures to evaluate - the most recent is attached

© Frank Popovich
Nov 15 I Recieved this ear horn with part of a collection. I couldn't make out the carving until I darkened it. I knew it wasn't a powder horn because there was no place or holes for the end cap. The ear hole also showed signs of oil and wax. It was dropped, so some of teeth broke off. The carving shows a buck and rail fence with a tree and a large letter G with 1805 under it. I was thinking about putting it up for auction here in the US. What are you thoughts about this unusual horn?
Interesting object - my first reaction was that it was similar to one in th[e] Helsinki Museum. I have attached a picture of that object. There is also something quite similar in the London Science Muuseum and the second picture is of that one. The third picture is of an ear trumpet made in 2013. I think it would be worth your while getting a scrimshaw specialist to look at the item and try and give it more provenance. Similar items have been faked for 100 or more years. Even the date may be questionable. As for it being used as an ear trumpet - that seems unlikely because from the pictures the ear piece looks a little large. I think it is an interesting object - could appeal to a scrimshaw collector, even though it is a worked horn not actually scrimshaw at all. If you put it on Ebay, I would bid up to $30 and then let others push the price up if they want it - sometimes people pay insane prices !! I think it would be misleading to offer it at auction as an ear trumpet - it seems to me to be an interesting piece in it's own right and designed to be decorative. If you want to do a private deal - let me know what price you are looking for. I hope that helps a bit. best wishes, PS if it goes on Ebay please send me the ref no so I can bid !
© HelsinkiMuseum © Science Museum UK © myk
Oct 15 [I] do have a small collection in excellent condition. Have a Picasa web album with photos.
...I am interested in selling my entire collection of instruments, books etc….
What a lovely collection !
... Have you approached the Phisick Museum to see if he is interested in the whole collection ?
Sep 15 hi i am working on a heritage project with a group deaf youth. we have found a few pictures on your site we would like to use in our project with deaf children and in our final film. we are not sure `how many will be used but i have chosen two ear trumpets, the throne. i hope you are in agreement for this
the throne image is in the puiblic domain and OK to use I think as for my trumpet images I would expect some kind of image credit please use something like : photo credit Myk Briggs Can I get to see the final work using the pictures ?
They are being used to make a collage of technology through the ages young people will be asked what technology they think was used . We will show them some pictures of differ things the they will create a collage using the pictures
Sep 15 Dear Sir, Today I came along your site. I am really impressed with your collection as well as set of photographs, links and books. I am an assistant professor at the Jagiellonian University in Poland. I research relations between the d/Deaf and technology. I am also investigating the history of sound amplification devices – such as ear trumpets. I was quite surprised to read that you actually use one of these and later on I have found one of your news(March 2012) regarding another person using ear trumpet. I will be conducting interviews with Polish d/Deaf people and will definitely ask if the use/used ear trumpets, I didn’t consider that – thank you for inspiration. I would like to ask you whether you know any other people who use ear trumpets? Kind Regards,
Hi Magdelana Thank you for the kind words about my website - I truly have the disease known as being a collector ! Trumpets were issued by our State Health scheme right up until 1976 even though they also offered electronic aids We know that 30-40,000 per year were issued in some years between 1946 and '76 There are a few people in the UK who use ear trumpets but I have no record of who they are I know they exist because doctors write to me asking for advice and the prescribe them, mostly to people with other health difficulties, such as not being able to cope with small batteries I would guess that it is less than 50 people
best wishes
Thank you for answering so quickly, and for all the information. I thought that the reason for using ear trumpets today would be more identity centered, threatening ear trumpet as stylish gadget (old fashioned or extravagant). Don't you mind if I send you some questions regarding your experiences with using and collecting trumpets that I would later include in my research? Best Regards, Magda
Not at all
but I am a mad collector not an expert ! best wishes
Sep 15 Good Morning, My name is Jesse and I work across the pond for **** Consulting. We’re an advertising agency, and we do a lot of work with the *** franchise across America. We are currently creating a variety of direct mail pieces that we are hoping will shift the focus from low-brow, hard-sale techniques to something more educational and fun. (As fun as hearing aids can be, of course.) One of the ideas we had was for a timeline showing how technologies have developed over the past 100 years, including everything from entertainment to housing to hearing aids. I did a cursory search for ear trumpets in 1915 and I found a great image on your site. If we decide to create the timeline piece, the ear horn will be one of many pictures in the art. As a hearing device, it’s importance is greater than that of some other images, and we don’t want to incorporate it without permission. All that to say, is permission to use an image from your site feasible, or is it prohibited? While it is part of a commercial piece, we would not be charging for its use or claiming it as our own. Thank you very much for your time! Sincerely, Jesse
Hi Jesse Most of the images on my website are my own I am a professional photographer If you want to use an image all I ask for is credit usually in the form of 'photo credit Myk Briggs' Please let me know which image you want to use and send me a sample when it is used Do you need a higher resolution than the 600px off my website ? Thanks

Hi Myk, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Your work is fantastic! A plethora of amazing images, to be sure. I have attached the image I’m interested in using. The credit and sample are very reasonable requirements for using the art, and I will be happy to fulfill both if we use it. The whole concept is still in the fledgling stages, and even after it’s done, it still has to pass the gauntlet of critical eyes. But if your image is used on a piece that we send out to clients as an option, it will have the full credit you requested, and I will email you proof pdf. As for the size, the resolution is more than adequate for our needs. Our mailer canvas isn’t incredibly large, so our pictures have to be small—probably about 2.5--3.8 centimeters square. Thank you again for your generosity. Hopefully I’ll be sending an image your way in the next few weeks! Cheers! Jesse
Aug 15 Seven years of bi-laterall Meniere's Disease has left my husband profoundly deaf. His ENT consultant today suggested an ear trumpet. Can you help?

My mother suffered Meniere's - horrible disease
The replica trumpet supplied by DekoEmpire is sensibly priced and works OK
picture attached - about £30

I also have grandchildren who play with a home made version of a conversation tube based on tubing and a funnel to parody my almost total deafness - but it does work very well if you can stand the embarrasment of using it !

antique trumpets are very mixed in performance and sell at high prices, the Deko one is the best bet I hope that was what you were looking for, best wishes
Dear Myk
We got the trumpet you recommended but, sadly, it doesn’t help my poor old fella. Anyway, very many thanks for your interest and advice. All best wishes...

Hi Julia
I am really very sad to hear that I suffer from a curious deafness that the hearing aid industry is still unable to help so I am very understanding of the issue
my best wishes to you both

Jun 15 Dear Sir I have this ear trumpet in my possesion and ask if this is in any of your interest. It is telescopic with a full lenght of 36cm and all is in orginal condition.(see attachment) A brand name is not on this item. Kind regards
Mike, Den helder Netherlands
many thanks for getting in touch
your trumpet is fairly commonplace and I have several of the type
I am still collecting this style with new-to-me makers marks, but yours seems to be un-marked
if you wish to sell it you may get £30-50 on Ebay best wishes
May 15 I live in Shropshire ... and have recently become interested in ear trumpets - the reason being that my elderly father, a deaf dementia sufferer struggles with his hearing aid. I would love to come and talk to you if you were willing to meet. My time is slightly restricted as I am juggling work ... but will make time if you are prepared to meet. I look forward to hearing back. [My mobile phone is ?] Kind regards,

I would be delighted to try and help you I am too deaf for phones ! but manage to talk one-2-one in a quiet room I am based in Pant near Oswestry and retired - can you manage a visit next week ? My diary is relatively clear Best wishes

That’s great. How about Friday morning – would 11am suit you? If that doesn’t work how about the Monday? Where should I come to? Very much looking forward to it. Best wishes,

We spent a fascinationg hour talking about trumpets
May 15 I am interested in an ear trumpet for my own use. It has become difficult for me to distinguish conversation where there is background noise, especially in the left ear. Have any of these designs impressed you as useful for that purpose? What I have in mind is asking a Victorian millworks to make a reproduction. bebe
one of the more effective types is reproduced by Dekoempire, they usually go for less than £20 BUT right now there is a bargain on Ebay 111670396554 at £ 21.50 buy it now no auction that is a steal and nobody will make one especially at that price !

actually it is missing an earpiece perhaps Dekoempire is a better bet

Thanks for tip. Bought the dekoempire. Maybe I can start a new fashion.
I am pleased to hear that If you get someone to photograph you using it, I might add it to my website - if you are shy - then a back view ! Myk
May 15 I thought at one time I saw information on how to make a replica ear trumpet on your site. Not to sell. For my personal use in historical reenactment. Do you have that info somewhere? Harry
I don't think that I ever did that I have not removed anything from the site I have recommened using Dekoempire to buy replicas Myk
Thanks. Hmmm. Not sure where I read that. I have emailed Dekoempire but not sure I can afford. I am using something that clearly is not an ear trumpet but it improves my hearing and looks ok. Harry The thing my grand kids like is the funnel and tube ! Ebay 171782301234 is at £3 the last one went for £17 Myk
Apr 15 Hello, I am looking for an antique ear trumpet to give as a gift to a friend who is an ear, nose and throat doctor. I haven't had much luck finding any available for purchase, and thought you might know of some good places to buy one. I'd also like to say how impressed I am with your website! There is so much great information here. I especially liked the "fake?" page, because it made me realize some of the ones I've been seeing are fakes. Thank you!
they are hard to find at reasonable prices, my best shot is to get a repro from DekoEmpire their website is not helpful but send them a picture of my item no 228 see attached thanks for the kind words about the website - it is a labour of the afflicted collector !
Apr 15 Hi Myk,Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I will definitely check out DekoEmpire. I only discovered the existence of ear trumpets today, and since that discovery I have been fairly obsessively scouring the internet for one to buy. I think one of these would be such a perfect gift for my friend. I found one on ebay that I think might be legitimate? Could I trouble you to take a quick look and see if it is real or fake? They call it a London Dome, and it looks similar to some on your website (but you never know).
I can see why you’ve become a collector! They really are neat. The intricately carved designs shown in the picture on your “sell me one” page are gorgeous! I also noticed on your wish list that you include table top. I saw one on ebay, and figured I should send it to you in case it’s legitimate. I’m sure you know about it already, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to pass it along. Thanks again! Clair
the London Dome is OK but will probably be over $250 when it finishes which is more than it is worth ! the Gentleman's ear trumpet is cobbled out of parts of different things and was made yesterday ! best wishes
Thanks so much!!
you need to talk to daniel (email removed) he has a London Dome for $125 ebay 281648092201
Mar 15 Hello Myk I promised you to send you an email if I had a new entry for your collection. I have received this piece.

Jose Thank you very much for thinking of me I have a similar item in excellent condition so I would not be interested to buy another but keep them coming best wishes
Ok, perfect. You have a big collection so, it may be dificult, but count with it. I will contact you again if I find another. Best wishes Jose
Mar 15 Greg
....I have attached a crop of a photo on ebay - the london dome grille is unusual - do you know who made it ?
Hi Myk, It is a pretty grille, I haven't seen it before. Franck Valery of Paris made some very pretty grilles, but the ones I have seen were more like swirls than geometric designs.Let me look at some of mine and I will get back to you. Regards, Greg
Mar 15 Dear Myk, thank you for buying the Banjo ear trumpet. I have/ had three listed I thought you might have an interest in. The F.C. Rein marble-gray cornets, the FROST (Berlin) faux tortoiseshell dome, and the faux tortoiseshell sonor type London dome trumpet. All were listed at 495 USD. I would only clear 430 each. Any interest at those prices. I could do a little more for two or all three. Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg Thank you for thinking of me I have paid quite a lot for some of the really rare items in my collection My overall collection plan is to demonstrate the huge variety in ear trumpet design I try to keep my investments restricted to new items that are not represented in my collection The Rein auricles are grey and marked, so at a price they become interesting, but I can't run to $430 which I appreciate is a good offer, when you value them at so much more You need to know that in Europe I am still routinely buying trumpets at less than $100 and local post is less than $10 I want to have the largest private collection of acoustic items and my resources are quite limited as a pensioner Again thank you
Mar 15 Hello. I have an old London horn that is missing the tip. Do you have any of those for sale or know where I could find one? Thank you. Sincerely,
A perennial problem !!
I have used the plastic earpiece from a modern cheap sthethoscope to renovate one item
The long term solution is to to 3D print a copy from a known good tip, but I have not yet done that
best wishes

Thank you! I actually have a friend with a 3D printer so I may see if he can design one from a picture. Otherwise, I will try your stethoscope idea.
Thank you very much!

Hi Myk. I asked you about a replacement tip for an ear horn a while ago. I actually wound up having a friend of mine 3D print one for me, It turned out really great! I've attached a pic of it for you. If you are interested, he is selling them for $20 each. (maybe less if you want more than one). It's not threaded but it self threads pretty easily just screwing it on. Let me know if you are interested. Dan
I certainly am!
I am travelling until the end of the week and will email you again then

I am not sure how best to proceed as the ear trumpet tubes to which the ear piece fits are all different sizes And as you said some have threads Being a long way away it might make more sense for me to print locally Meanwhile I must congratulate you for being up fornt about the tip on your Ebay listing

Jan 15 Dear MYK,
Attached pictures will tell most of the story. . . Would you be able to tell me anything about the material ? It looked like silverplated, very dirty, but whilst cleaning (yes, I'm sorry) the black would not come off. The middle and smallest part show signs of a brass underlayer, but I'm not certain about the material of the third part. And of course - last but not least- what might be the value of this eartrumpet ? Hoping to hear from you,

Hi Pieter The trumpet is almost certainly brass, I have not seen a silver plated version of this model They usually have a tough dark coating which I suspect is applied at new with a chemical process I have a similar item see #230 Last year one sold on Ebay for £205 Best wishes

Hai Myk, Thanks very much for your swift reply ! And may I also thank you for having had a look at your wonderful website on eartrumpets. I was studying the "fake" category just now; Astonishing ! I just took a peek at your number #230 and yep, that's the one for sure. I'll try to find out what kind of 'blackening' proces this is and remember to mail you. Sincerely thanks for your information. With kind regards, Pieter
Jan 15 Hi Myk
Here's an update on the Hearing Aid Museum collection for you so you can update your records.
mechanical 103
electrical 1237
total 1340
Also, please correct my last name--it only has one "n" at the end.
Cordially, Neil
All done Neil and thanks for the update !
Your collection is the largest in private hands ! and I guess noone will catch you
bestest myk
Jan 15 I am interested in purchasing an ear Trumpet walking stick. Especially the Haertel Walking Stick or Hawksley with its cane.
However I would seriously consider any offer authentic to the period Thank you,....
They are few and far between
There is one on the web at £5000, but apart from that I have seen only the 3 that I purchased from Ebay I regret that none of my collection is for sale

I have just remembered that David at Curious Science had a Hawksley style cane for sale a couple of months back
[email protected]
tell him I sent you !
best wishes
Dec 14 Hello, I am looking to buy an old fashioned looking ear trumpet - but need to buy it asap as leaving London in two days, but could pick it up if not so far. Are you based in London? Thanks
I do not sell ear trumpets
2 days is a tall order for something authentic looking
you need to look at
Nov 2014 I heartily approve of your comments re: most hearing aids. I am a retired film sound recordist and find the various hearing aids I've tested absolute crap. the problem is the omnidirectional microphone. There are mini directional microphones that could be used e.g. as part of a pair of glasses. I like your letter. It is quite correct
thank you for your kind words ! best wishes
Oct 2014 Thank you for your reply and I did go onto the websites and also sent an e-mail to DekoEmpire who, apparently, do sell ear trumpets but they have not replied. Could you be so kind as to make further suggestions as to how to find one to buy
Thank you very much

Try searching Ebay for dekoempire as an ebay user - they regularly list this item be sure to avoid their items which are designed to be blown !
They are the only supplier of repro that I have found
Vicky Doyle makes fakes out of old car horns see ebay 301366948210
Sorry not to be more helpful
Oct 2014 We have a rather eccentric Parish Priest who would like a short ear trumpet - which is functional - and we would like to buy him one for Christmas but not too expensive, please!
Can you help, please?

You can buy a very nice replica sold on this web site

The item looks like the one described here
you may have to email them as the item is not always displayed
Oct 2014 my name is Lorna, I'm Artistic Director of a Theatre Company called Gobbledegook Theatre. We make unusual theatre often for the outdoors and we're based in Dorset. You can find out a bit more about us here: . Anyway, we've been making a piece called 'Ear Trumpet' for the past year or so:!ear-trumpet/c1as ...and I'm emailing you as we're working on the next stage of our project, which entails us really developing our ear trumpets. We have so far 'converted' some brass instruments and gramophone horns to create amplification devices, they are pretty rudimental in terms of aesthetic (although some of these do work extraordinarily well!).
Your collection however looks so absolutely extraordinary and what I'm keen to do before we start our next making process is to have a look at some real Ear Trumpets to learn from their construction and shape which will inform our creations.

I'm emailing as I wondered if there was any possibility at all that I'd be able to view - and ideally (!) have a turn any of your incredible Ear Trumpets? As an artist I'm inspired by shape and aesthetic as well as the functionality of the devices - your website is amazingly inspiring but I have a feeling that there's nothing quite like experiencing the real thing! Even if this doesn't work out - I have noted your comment that you're not able to accommodate visits as the collection is being curated at the moment, I'd just like to thank you for your website - it's a wonderful resource and I am very grateful to you for putting it online and sharing it. Very best wishes,
Hi Lorna Thank you for the kind words about my passion and it's acoutrements. You could visit and view the collection I regret that about 15 out of 261 are too fragile to handle unnecessarily. We are a good 4 hours drive away, near Oswestry on the Welsh border, and are not well served by trains If you choose to come it would need to be before Nov 20th when the collection is moving again Let me know what you would like to do cheers
Oct 2014 Any way you would allow me to rent or borrow one for a few pictures in early november? I live in Colorado Springs, CO.

I regret not, mainly because I just don't do that Also the cost of re-importing is prohibitively high - importation is tax at 20% plus VAT at 20% which means on a $100 trumpet I have to pay $44.40 plus postage and packing to get it back here, let alone ship one to the USA.
There are several collectors in the USA who may help

That is completely understandable. I really appreciate your response. I believe I have found a reasonable solution to my little problem already. Thank you for your time. You have a wonderful collection.
Sep 2014 Unusual vintage hearing aid. Unsure of its age. Appears to be made of plastic. When held to the light it is red in colour. Consists of a long listening tube which fits inside a rounded area. Measures approximately 37cms when extended.

Your trumpet is not very old, it is 1976 and was manufactured by Eschmann, Lancing in Sussex and similar items were issued as an OL340 by the National Health at the same time as they were supplying electronic hearing aids. Your trumpet didn't whistle, did not require batteries and works quite well so was preferred by some patients. I have a copy of the original manufacturing drawing !

Hello, thank you very much for the information regarding the ear trumpet, a few years before I joined the NHS :-). Your collection sounds fascinating and I will enjoy looking at your website. I will be posting today and hope you will be pleased with the addition to your collection. The trumpet belonged to my Aunt, who lived in London, but for the last 30 years of her life resided in Ludlow, Shropshire. Kind Regards,
Sep 2014 about fake seller
It's exhausting. I've been doing this, almost on a daily basis for two years. He really is a scoundrel. He really, really, really hates me and has done everything he can to bring me down.. He doesn't understand that if he did it the right way and told Buyers that he constructed an instrument, from a vintage car horn, that works like an ear trumpet, we would leave him alone and he could make money legitimately. The strange thing is that his vintage car horn probably works better than the vintage ear trumpet in the amplification of sound. His greed is back firing, I hope.
Sep 2014 about fake
I could not watch it from my internet connection because of its category, it's not allowed in France to sell hearing aid without an audiologist... BUT I can watch without proxy when using my phone in 3G !! that's strange isn't it ? Wow, nice fake !!! It should works not so bad... to hearing ... and to be sell !! regards
Sep 2014 Hi Myk, your sites is better and better every days ! congratulations !! I really enjoy your database from old catalog, it's very useful. To complete your fake page, this ebay's item :
fake #53 listing
I already inform the seller but she doesn't want to understand... See you soon.
Aug 2014 I hope you enjoy the hearing aid you bought from me. I've never shipped anything internationally so I hope this goes well! I have marked the package as you requested. Thank you again,
thank you for taking the trouble to mark the package as I requested
Oh wow! That is an awesome collection!
Aug 2014 Hello. I have German made bakelite ear trumpet. It is model Rochhausen 40. But ear piece is missing. Do You have any option which You can sell for me as use ear piece in this kind of trumpet? Best Wishes
I cannot directly help you but the company is still in trade in Germany and second hand complete trumpets come up on Ebay
Jul 2014 Hi there, I purchased a nice vintage ear trumpet at a flea market for a friend and was wondering what the actual collector price would be. So after consulting the internet I arrived at your site. Wow! I didn’t find any info about prices but there sure was a lot to read and learn. You really did a great job! And I even found the flea market-trumpet in your collection. It is your buy no. 40 (telescopic, Siebenmann, Germany). Could I ask you what it is worth? I paid 80 CHF (50 British Pounds) and it is in very good condition. Thank you in advance and friendly greetings from Switzerland,
If it is actually an antique Siebenmann then you got a great deal They regularly go on Ebay for twice what you paid and occasionally 3 times However there are a load of fakes about - I bought one recently for £20 So it boils down to provenance - if it seems vintage - well and good, better still the fakes are not marked so if it has the makers name then it is probably good I am pleased that you liked my site - passion makes for good website ! Bestest

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I just took a good look at the ear trumpet (meaning I put on my reading glasses) and it actually does have a mark by Siebenmann. That’s great! And the provenance is good to. It belonged to a lady collector of antiques who died a couple of years ago and was sold by her son at the flea market. I am glad I did not overpay it because it is going to a good friend of mine who is a acoustician for hearing aids. He will be very pleased and I am sure he will also like your site. Thanks again for your help and all the best John
Jul 2014 I am in the USA. I have an ear trumpet which was purchased from England about 10 years ago by my step mother. It is old, but I don't know much about it. She bought it for my father who was hard of hearing but he refused to use it. I would like to sell this ear trumpet. I will send remainder of images under separate contact.
I have looked at the photos that you sent
The general appearance of the item is an item designed to be blown by the mouth
Could you please examine the ear piece and confirm that there is no reed enclosed in it OR just blow through the trumpet and see if it makes a noise
Jun 2014 Hi, I am involved in an amateur dramatic production of Pride and Prejudice, set in the early 1800s. We have decided to try and equip my character with an ear trumpet. Is it possible to borrow one? The tricky bit is that the production opens on Thursday night, and we are based in Cambridgeshire. I will understand entirely if it is not possible - I thought there would be no harm in asking.
Jun 2014 Good morning chicken I'd like to make you aware of my impeding ear issue please could you arrange for a trumpet fitting session at my earliest convenience. Yours truly
May 2014 Hi, I'm discovering your site. It seems very interesting ! I was surprised to read my name and a link to my website on yours... But the informations are wrong. Actually my personal collection is composed of around 70 acoustical and more than 300 electric/electronic hearing aids. I'm French so, I do understand nut it's more difficult for me to write... hope you'll forgive me. Thanks
May 2014 I was just looking through your wonderful collection again. A couple of points.
1. In your list of collections, you can update the Hearing Aid Museum's to 93 acoustic now and a total of 1290. We keep growing week by week.
2. In your wish list, you ask who also has dentaphones. We have two in great condition

Myk note: we found another at Gehorlose
May 2014 Hi Myk - so enjoyed our chat yesterday - your site is truly amazing - the variety is astounding - good luck with your future research/collecting
May 2014 Hello, my English is not the best. Can you send my your address? I will send you any picture from my little collection about Deafness and Hard of Hearing History. I have not much ear trumpets, but another rare exponent and a archive with 350 Photos and any documents about deaf and hard of hearing people in the NS-Time in Germany. I can send you more Information about me with a letter for you. best regards
May 2014 Bonsoir
Votre colis sera expédié demain matin.
Salutations ,
Mar 2014 your parcel has been posted this morning. Enclosed the postal document. Do you wish that I reserve the other cornet?
I visit your site : congratulations !!!!
Feb 2014 Hello, I have a curiosity here, was told at the auction I purchased this item from that it was an antique ear horn hearing aid, it's made of pottery or clay it has a "V" shape with a trumpet end. I could not find another hearing device that looked like this, though. I thought perhaps it was a pipe of some kind but there is no filter, no screen or bowl and is a little large for a mouth piece, in my opinion. Anyway, If you wouldn't mind having a look I would appreciate it! Thanks
NB image has been removed
Feb 2014 I have a set of Naturton silver ear inserts that appear identical to these including the patent number and the address in the purpose made box (mine are presented with the point pushed into the box so it is not as wide) They came from my Great Grandmother MaryAnn, who was born in 1865 and came to NZ in the 1880s. She died in 1970. Can you tell me anything about them including perhaps a ball park figure value.
Jan 2014 I have inherited a surgical ear examiner from my father that belonged to my great grandad. I have attached some photos and would be interested in selling it. He was in the Red Cross in the war and used it but its still in original box and in immaculate condition.
Jan 2014 Wow, Myk! What a GREAT collection! :) Am sure this walking cane/hearing aid will be right at home. All best wishes, Laura
Jan 2014 Finally managed to get the ear trumpet in the post to you, had an emergency yesterday which took all day unfortunately.
Anyway, it's gone Special Delivery, next day
Dec 2013 Hi Myk - recently communicated with Brian who brought my attention to your site - interesting. Fortunately I only suffer from one inefficient ear so far but do find it difficult in a crowd and one to one directional hearing
Dec 2013 I have a small vintage stall and an old lady has asked me to find her an ear horn. Do you have any for sale. I think something pretty make of horn would be nice Many thanks
Genuine trumpets are expensive
There are no reproduction ones around
I have none to sell
Dec 2013 Hello, I am looking to hire or buy an ear trumpet. Do you have a phone number so I can contact you and discuss this please?
I regret that I am unable to use the phone due to deafness You can hire a trumpet from
Curious Science
There are a number of replica trumpets on Ebay but they can be quite expensive
Dec 2013 Hi Myk As joint publisher of Elisabeth Bennions book on Ear trumpets I still have about twenty copies available, post free, £10 each best wishes
Dec 2013 My name is Leo. You have a great website. Please could you enlighten me on this piece? It has a braided hose, nickle plated earpiece and bakelite trumpet. We are in the UK. Would you like to make us a offer?
Dec 2013 I have an ear trumpet for sale which I haven't seen in your list of photos. The plate states:
Armold & Sons
John Bell &
Croyden Surgical Instrument Manufacturers
50-52 Wigmore St
London W.1.
So according to your 'useful' page, circa 1923-28?
I will upload one photo for you but have taken quite a few if you are interested.
Nov 2013 ps what a great site and collection !! :) congratulation ! My best,
Nov 2013 Hi, I was looking for an vintage ear trumpet as a Christmas present for my mother who's hearing is partially failing ( mostly for her amusement ) and all I come across is converted horns and bugles, your website was a real revaluation as I'm sure I would have bought a fake by now, are there any real ones left?
Nov 2013 Hi, My hearing has deteriorated in recent years and I don't want to have to use a hearing aid. Could you recommend a source for modern and inexpensive ear trumpets? I have seen the devices you have below, but I want a traditional one. I live in Sweden, BTW. Thanks,
Oct 2013 I'm in the process of writing a history of science conference paper and wondered if I might use one of your images -- with credit -- to illustrate my paper in PPT? This is not for profit or publication. Yours,
Sep 2013 Please tell me where I can buy (at a reasonable price?) a hearing horn for actual use. I am wary of all the fakes you so eloquently exposed. Not interested in collecting, but using as an auditory supplement. Thank you!
Jul 2013 Image 'image.jpg' uploaded as 1375167056.jpg = many thanks ! Hi, I have inherited this ear trumpeter from my grandad who was an audiologist, could you give me an idea of value or if you might be interested. It appears to be in really good condition, no fraying or chips. Many thanks
Jul 2013 Hello, I have been looking for an affordable ear trumpet as a gift for a friend. The 2 second back story is that he's deaf in one ear. As a sort of a gag gift I intend to buy and/ or make him replica ear trumpets each year for his birthday. The catch is that I don't need or even want them to be authentic antiques. I read on your site about fake ear trumpets that folks on ebay are trying to dump off for a higher than deserved price. I don't mean to exploit your business, but if you are in possession of some of these faked/ knock off ear horns that aren't actually valuable antiques, I would be interested in purchasing one or many from you depending on the price that is available. Please get back to me at your convenience. Thanks.
Jun 2013 I hope you can help me with some guidance. I am an older man with a hearing loss. I participate in Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, but haven't lately because I can't hear in them. My electronic hearing aids would be destroyed. I have been looking for a reasonably priced ear trumpet. Not as a collectable, but something I could USE in a hot, steamy lodge. Like a modern steam bath, but hotter and steamier. Preferably not metal. Do you have any ideas for me? thanks,
Apr 2013 Good evening. How much is trumpet no 4? The solid silver trumpet shaped one?
(my collection is not for sale)
Apr 2013 thank-you for sharing the pictures of your lovely collection. I enjoyed looking at each and every one of them. Do you plan to write a book about ear trumpets? I bet it would be fascinating.
Mar 2013 I have SSD (over 40 years) and as I have a perforated ear drum I can't use a hearing aid in my bad ear. I've always wanted a ear trumpet. Would have to save explaining to anyone new I meet that I am partially deaf. Do you know where I could get a reasonably inexpensive one? Cheers
Feb 2013 Do you know where I might be able to borrow an ear trumpet from in the Wolverhampton area for a local Gilbert & Sullivan company's production of The Socerer? I am at a loss as to where to go go for one? Thanks
Jan 2013 Hello Myk, my name is Rainer *****, I am a collector of medical antiques and an obstetrican/gynecologist living in Berlin, Germany. There is a rare 19th century object of historical significance with regards to hearing difficulties that I can offer and that you might be interested in. Could you please give me a regular email address because I would like to send some pics along with the description. Best regards!
Dec 2012 am interested in buying the modern replica No 6 for use by my 103 year old mother in law. Is it for sale and does it work?
(my collection is not for sale)
Nov 2012 Hello If you would be kind enough to spare some time I am wondering if you can help me regarding an Ear Trumpet I am going to sell. I bought it for my grandfather for his 90th Birthday as he always joked about getting one. Its a Hawksley and seems to be brass. I have not come across one like it on the web. I paid a lot for it, but he wants me to sell it now. Its in excellent condition. Perhaps it might be of interest to yourself but if not I would like to get more details on it. I bought it from a collector in the USA and have lost all the details he sent with it. I can of course send you pictures. Many Thanks
Nov 2012 I see you have picked up my description on c*****'s fakes. She has been complaining loud and clear and Ebay has shut me down three times because I was too agreesive in trying to shut down her auctions. Ebay finds me too preditory. See my latest work. I have included the istructions on how to make a fake "ear trumpet" using an old car horn. I tried putting in your webcite but Ebay shut me down when I did this. I see that her last few auctions, since I have been persuing this, have given her less profit.
Oct 2012 Hi You can add my collection : Brice
Sep 2012 my aunt zena is 107 1/2 years old. hearing aids don't seem to be helping, plus she is in too poor health to travel to hearing aid store. does someone make ear trumpets anymore? i would like to try one and see if it helps. thanks,
Ron SW Missouri
Sep 2012 hello, i have just listed a beehive dome eartrumpet on ebay and after visiting your site i wondered if you would take a look at the listing to ensure that i have not included any misleading information in the description. many thanks.
Aug 2012 C***** is still selling the fake ear trumpets, now up to 25. Ebay ignorers my fraud/fake complaints on a regular basis. If you would look out for her next "showing" please contact Ebay through their process. Lower right hand button called "report item". She slips them in about every 3-4 weeks. One auction just finished. If you report her maybe we working together will wake up Ebay.
Jul 2012 Thank you so much for the email and the photos. That was so great. I am sending this to Dr. T's personal email. He was happy you enjoyed your visit there.

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
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