Ear Trumpet Collections - from around the world
The sort here is based on quantity of acoustic / mechanical aids - my primary interest

please note
that the quantity shown is best data available to me - also it is only a general guide to the scale of and what one might find in any particular collection, clearly there is little merit in quantity alone, provenance and quality are the better measures.

museums etc with just one or two trumpets often have large medical collections and may be the only local opportunity for some people to view a real ear trumpet
          no of devices  
# Museum   Location Name mech elecl tot note
1PackingtonOswestry UK 5181incl 1 dupe: Pilling tube now sold incl maybe 10 items of questionable heritage Guinness definition blackballed 29.
2Touma Medical Museumread more...Huntington WVTouma Collection200200400estimated from my museum photos and supported by an email from Dr T
3Antique Hearing Instruments2nd websiteNew York USAR Sullivan PhD16628194fred 83365
4Phisick London UK 1491150*The museum hosts photos of more than 200 hearing related items and has another 23 monaural stethoscopes in 'Cardiology'
5Hearing Aid Museumread more...Lynden WANeil Bauman12011341254various related items like batteries add another 452 items ! includes 1 dupe - lovers conversation tube
6Bernard Becker Medical Libraryread more... read even more...St Louis MOThe CID-Max A.Goldstein Historic Devices for Hearing Collection116237400only 152 shown on website pictures
7Science Museumread more... read even more... London UK 1020102only a few actually displayed
8Western Michigan Museumread more...Kalamazoo MIBaldwin Collection85590PR
9Kent Stateread more...read even more... Kent OHKenneth W. Berger8026203000includes 300 dupes mostly electrical
10Thackray Medical Museumread more...read even moreLeeds UK 70900+~1000
11Jantzem FranceBrice Jantzem70300+ personal collection #82905
12Zweers Hoortoestellenread more...NetherlandsRoland Zweers701000 #83287
13Eriksholm Collection Denmark 50800+ Oticon businness collection
14Private collector Florida USALGH40-100  #83017
15Medisch Centrum Kleurrijkread more...Zaandam NetherlandsPatricia Joosten40+lots #83295
16Queen Margaret Universityread more...Edinburgh UK 28 ? 28Scottish Hearing Aid Collection was donated by Dr Robin Barr-Hamilton
17museu do aparelho auditivoread more...Franca BrazilBruna Baldo23191 last update Oct 15 ext10
18Curious Science London UK 20+  Theatrical prop house
19Museum Boerhaave Leiden Netherlands 19   
20National Museum of American History Washington DCKenneth E. Behring Center17lots email Apr 2012
21Private collector Neustadt an der Aisch GermanyLothar Scharf1520+ includes 3 ear tubes and a Dentaphone lots of other deaf related items FRED #83285
22Private collector (NS) Cambridge UK 14  website visitor #82986
23Horgerate-Museum Lubeck Germany 12?  only 12 found on website - reputed to be more
24wellcome images London UK 12  search 'ear trumpet' from home page
25Private collector (DL) Sussex UK 11  emails 29 Aug 2013 #82472
26York Castle Museumread more...York UK 106n/avisit Aug 2015 appointment needed
27Tim Heathfieldread more...Cheltenham UK 8some  
28Medical Antiques Florida USA 7  fantastic medical collection fred # 83088
29Wangaretta Audiologyread more...Victoria NSW 7  pictures
30Norfolk Museum Norwich UK 6   
31Central Institute for the Deafread more...St Louis MO 6  interesting residual items from CID-Goldstein merger with Berger
32Bakken Minneapolis MN 5111116 
33British Deaf History Socread more...Warrington UK 54853Numbers fail to reflect the great resource to be found here. appointment needed
34PowerHouseread more...Sydney Australia 5 4 
35Beethoven-Hausread more...Bonn Germany 4  Beethovens trumpets by Johann Nepomuk Mälzel (1772-1838)
36National Museum of Scienceread more...Haifa Israel 4  maybe more search doesn't work !
38Private Collector(G K) San Rafael Ca USA 4  2 domes 2 banjo FRED #83209
39Royal Berkshire NHSread more...Reading UK 4  2 x 2pc telescopic 1 x 3pc telescopic and a Hawksley banjo
40Dr Mark Caffrey Gloversville NY 4  professional audiologist on FB and his collection
41 McGuire Medical Collectionread more...Buffalo New York 3   
42National Trust Clevedonread more...Clevedon Court Somerset 3   
43Private collector (Tim W) E Grinstead UK 3  P Serrell Jul 2014 #82616
44Rochester School for the Deaf Rochester NY USA 3~20 small museum
45The Old Operating Theatre Museum London UK 3 3 
86Amplifonread more...Manchester UKCaroline Luther2
46SPASM Museumread more...Sydney NSW 2  conversation tubes - picture
47Hatfield Historical Museumread more...Hatfield MA 2   
37Dr M Singletonread more...Seneca MO 2  updated Dec2109
48Museum of History of Scienceread more...Oxford UK 2   
49Natan Schleider Galleryread more...New York USA 2  2 pairs of auricles
50Newarke Houses Museumread more...Leicester UK 2   
51Warrington Museum & Art Galleryread more...Warrington UK 2  pair auricles and one other - appointment needed
52Wheaton College Wheaton IL USA 2  pictures rare trumpets
53Aberdeen Museum Scotland 1  picture
54Alberton Museumread more...Alberton New Zealand 1  picture of rare trumpet
55American Academy of Ophthalmologyread more...San Francisco CA 1   
56Arts Universityread more...Bournemouth UK 1  picture
57Ashburton Museumread more...Ashburton New Zealand 1  picture
58Bristol Museum Blaise Castle Bristol 1  Hawksley tel 3pc
59Center for Hearing and Communication New York NY 150 
60Center for History of Medecineread more...Harvard USA 1  banjo by Gardner
61Duke University Libary Durham NC USA 1   
62Fan Museumread more...Greenwich UK 1  they have a fan with in-built trumpet
63future museumread more...Dumfries UK 1  picture
64George Marshall Medical Museumread more...Worcester UK 1  banjo - appointment needed
65Gold Museumread more...Ballarat Australia 1  record
66Helsinki Helsinki Finland 1 1 
67Historic Huguenot Street New Paltz NY 1  unusual trumpet
68Hull Museumread more...Hull UK 1  unusual old cowhorn
69Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa New Zealand 1  hearing aid GH003711 ... ‘tortoise shell four pieces’ 1900s.
70Museum of Vision San Francisco CA  1  really nice lorgnette
71National Trust Belton Houseread more...Grantham Lincolnshire 1  very rare horseback trumpet
72National Trust Erddigread more...Wrecsam Wales 1  appointment needed
73National Trust Greenwayread more...Brixham UK 1  unusual folded trumpet
74National Trust Wallingtonread more...Morpeth UK 1  london dome
75Private collector (SF)read more...GermanySteffen1 1fred #83111 he has a GLASS ear trumpet in a medical collecton
76Redland Museumread more...Queensland Australia 1  picture
77SheffieldSheffield UK 1  Bennion book reports trumpets here but only one was found ! (2012)
78State Library NSW Sydney NSW 1  pictures
79University College London Hospitals London UK 1 chair  picture
80Cawthorne Victioria Jubilee Museumread more...Cawthorne Barnsley S75 4HQ UK 1  email 9/15 - appointment needed
81Whanganui Regional Museum Watt Street Whanganui 4500 1  banjo made by James Woolley & Sons Ltd
82Whipple Museumread more...Cambridge UK 1  line 72
83hoergeraete-horstmann Nordhorn Germany ? 7 ? 70 
84A A O O  Alexandria VA    members only - no data
85Wisconsin Hearing Aids Wisconsin USAT.Pippin personal collection  1000?awaiting update
86RAMC Aldershot UK   0Bennion book reports trumpets here but none were found ! (2012)
NB I am always looking for updates in terms of new collections or corrections to this table

does anyone know where the collections are in Berlin? home to 170 museums !!

Ear Trumpets, the Packington Collection
SY10, Shropshire, UK